Ye Bik Gayi Hay Gormint (Latest News)

Ye Bik Gayi Hay Gormint

Ye Bik Gayi fodder Gormint

Be it Monday wala burger, bik gayi fodder gormint or Associate in Nursing innocent mistake of claiming “we square measure happy with you,” the web may be a cruel and unforgiving place that build immortal all such memes.


Earlier last year, a video had surfaced of a woman United Nations agency throughout Associate in the Nursing interview to a newsman took on the politicians and same “yeh bik gayi hai gormint” (the Government has been sold) whereas directive abusive words for the politicians.

bik gae gormit

“Yeh saray mil ke humko pagal bana rahay hain bla bla bla*,” she additional.


The video went infectious agent and therefore the memes war began. The phrase didn’t stay restricted to random social media users however additionally obtained endorsement from the actor Hamza Ali Abbasi.

In an attempt to raise argue its case within the Panama hearings at the Supreme Court, the Asian nation Tehrik-e-Insaf has captive towards its third counsel, the “Bik gaee hai gormint” woman from a metropolis.

Mrs. BGG, as she is understood, brings together with her an extended history of effective articulation and argumentation.


She has gained thousands of loyal followers on social media since then, and currently, even the Americans square measure realizing that the gormint has so been sold-out. the globe is presently gonna see the most important revolution of our time lead by none apart from our visionary, kinswoman Gormint.

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