X Rebirth free download for pc

X Rebirth free download for pc

X Rebirth

The award winning X Series has been reborn! X-Rebirth is a new beginning of the story and provides access to an incredibly comprehensive, vibrant and highly detailed universe, which includes a lot of discoveries for both old and new fans. Build your own empire! Everything in the X games and X-Rebirth, the newest allvering in the story, is even more beautiful and easier to handle than ever. Take place in the Albion Skunk cockpit and
let them shine through your deeds as the “Pride of Albion”!

X Rebirth free download

Play the economy

Go in an interactive way with a living economy to meet demand and supply. Drive trade with the merchant ships in your team to earn money from scarce goods or disturb the balance by intercepting merchant ships.

Exciting spaceships

Not everyone you meet is well-groomed. Indeed, there are those who simply destroy everything as they find their way. Arm yourself with the most modern weapons and protect the Albion Skunk with powerful shields. Recruit allies for your team and rest with fighter ships that you can build yourself. Each weapon has its strengths and you have to master them to ensure victory.

X Rebirth

Build your empire  

Build space lions to receive more credits and explore and build new ships and parts. There is no limit to what you can achieve with your imagination when it comes to building your stations.

Go tactically

Explore and discover new sectors of ships. Factions and more to release information in your encyclopedia and discover new uses or trade secrets. Who knows, you get a trading tip to earn more credits, trade and a tactical hint to help you fight. Linguistic to work is not only wise but also lethal to your enemies


Minimum System Requirements: 
– Windows XP SP2 / Vista SP2 / 7 SP1 / 8 
– Intel i-Series 2GHz or equivalent AMD processor 
– 4GB RAM 
– NVIDIA GT400 Series 512 MB / ATI 4870HD 512 MB 
– 10 GB Free Disk Space 
– DirectX9. 0c compatible sound card


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