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World of Warships – Tips for beginners: In our guide, we explain the differences of classes Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleships and Aircraft carriers. We reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the ship types. Especially newcomers with no prior knowledge of ships or PArties in WoWS receive useful strategy tips in this guide.

World of Warships: Beginner’s Guide with tips on all four ship classes

World of Warships – Beginners’ Guide to all four classes: In our Marine Academy on the next four pages of this article, we will provide you with tips on how to get to know the four different ship classes of the game. Just use the table of contents to get to the desired class tips. The tips we put together are mainly aimed at beginners, who have little idea of ships and Obendrein have never played a game of WoWS. With the descriptions of the four ship types, we not only provide you with common tactics but also explain the weaknesses of the individual classes. What we can not teach you on these pages is shooting. For this, you must (unfortunately) fall back on the oldest of all methods: practice, practice, practice!

World of Warships Tips – The Destroyer

Whoever has no problems with frequent screen taps in World of Warships, the class of destroyers at the beginning of the admiral’s career is worth considering. You have to decide for one or the other evil before you start at all: the choice between the Japanese and American destroyers. While the US Navy uses models with low torpedo range and relatively powerful guns, the Imperial Japanese Navy relies on ships with long-range torpedoes but do not damage their guns. But all destroyers have one thing in common: they usually only have two hits.

Destroyer: Torpedoes are always evil

But before you decide for the career of a destroyer captain, you should be clear about two things that will help not only you but especially your team. The first rule in Destroyer (and this also affects the Japanese and two American cruisers): Fired torpedoes are never friendly! That is, as soon as you put the bullets into the water, they can hit both your enemies as well as your comrades. So if a team member is next to you, you should always check whether your torpedoes can also cross their road.

Destroyer: Observe the range!

The second most important rule of the destroyer captain is the range of the torpedoes. Experienced gamblers are quite right about newcomers firing at enemy battleships that are more than ten kilometers away with an American destroyer. While some of the Japanese ships can get their torpedoes from a distance of up to 20 kilometers, some of the Japanese ships should be approached if possible, so that the potential victims will have less time for the necessary evasion maneuvers.

Destroyer: Silent hunter

Thus, practiced captains are most likely to fire their torpedoes from ranges below five kilometers. Since the smallest ships in the game have little to do, the “torpedo-runs” is mainly due to the fact that as long as possible they remain undetected, ride a zigzag course, and use the islands to find cover. In the dock, you can see how much miles your ship can be discovered under the heading “Hidden”. The number is only valid if you do not fire your guns.

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