Women’s Rights Movement by the time (Benefits and Violations)

Women’s Rights Movement by the time (Benefits and Violations)


There are many benefits that society, in general, may experience if women are given their rights. We live in a time where women play the same roles as men at times and this has become possible due to the fact that women in most countries are given almost the same status as men in some areas and discrimination has somewhat become limited. In most places, women have been given the right to get a proper education which tremendously increases the advantages of not only a society but the entire country.

Benefits of Women’s Rights:

Through proper schooling women not only become academically strong but they are also able to learn technical skills which may help them to gain different job opportunities for themselves so they are able to become independent. The market gains a large number of highly skilled employees in this way if women are acquiring the same set of skills as men.

The market also does not remain dependant on a few numbers of highly skilled workers as for every man there is a female replacement present who is just as good and experienced as any male. Moreover, women are better at organizing things and through such opportunities, their organizational skills and other talents can be put to good use and in this way, their potential does not go to waste either.

This moves the economy in the direction of progress the literacy rate of a country starts to rise as more and more women gain education. Furthermore when women are given the right to choose their own occupation and are able to acquire jobs in multinational firms rather than farms they are able to support their families where male members are not present or have reached the age of retirement so instead of depending on someone else they can go out and earn for themselves.

Women may start small businesses of their own and this helps with the economic growth of a country and as women rise up to positions of power in the government sector and gain the right to vote, it leads to stability of nations as governments become more effective and responsive to their people. Women, when given freedom of speech, are able to speak and protest against violence in this way the law becomes aware and takes necessary steps to control such acts and in turn, a safe environment is created which not only protects women but all citizens of a country. Freedom of speech for women helps to create awareness in the society and due to this women are able to gain a certain status and respect in society as well turning the society into one that is tolerant towards both genders.

Violation of Women’s Rights:

In the past and sometimes even now the rights of women are being violated in places where the literacy rate may be too low or where people have yet not been made aware of what actually are the rights of women in a society and that they have as much say in all affairs related to them as men do. Violation of women rights usually takes place in small towns where most of the time the name of religion is misused to enforce certain things on women. One of the many violations of women’s rights is not giving the right to educate themselves holding them back from opportunities that may benefit them in the long run and help them raise their standard of living. Furthermore, in some areas women are not even allowed a say in their marriage.

Women are denied this basic right and are not allowed to choose the person who they are going to spend the rest of their life with once again affecting the quality of their life. In this way, people in small villages are suppressing the voice of women and denying them the very basic rights and due to this women are unable to gain control of their own lives. Women often become the target of physical abuse and even then parents do not let them raise their voices against this violence in order to maintain their family’s respect in the village or society so that people do not point fingers towards them.


Firstly women are denied the right to choose their life partner and are married off at quite a young age then they are often forced to have children which prove to be harmful to their health at times violating their health rights. Taking a step outside the small towns and villages we can see a violation of women’s rights and discrimination going on in workplaces as well. At times we can see that both men and women have the same skills but for the same job women are paid less than what a man is paid in the firm this is called the wage gap. This discrimination in the payment of salaries is also a violation of the rights of women. Another form of violation at the workplace is the sexual harassment of women which creates a very unsafe and hostile environment for women.


Author: Zoha Shamun Kiyani (FA15-BAF-027)



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