Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Game For PC Download Free And Review

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

In Wolfenstein: The Old Blood find all the gold items, letters, and nightmare levels – We have created a video guide for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, which shows you all the places of the collectibles in the individual chapters of the game.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood in Test – Regime-slaughter in the castle

Since the beginning of May 2015 the add-on to Wolfenstein: The New Order is in the trade. We have tested The Old Blood in detail and will give you all the knowledge you need.

When Wolfenstein: The Old Blood was announced in early March, many were surprised. With an add-on to The New Order, few had expected, with a standalone prequel even less. Well, about two months later, the game has already been released and we have of course fallen back into the battle against the regime – because that is less surprising then, the German version has, of course, been shortened again by anti-constitutional symbols and statements.


Instead of Hakenkreuzen and SS runes, the Wolfenstein symbol is displayed on crates, banners, and uniforms, and you are not fighting against Nazis, but simply the regime, as BJ Blazkowicz. And they do not welcome each other with their typical slogans, but with more neutral expressions. There are certainly worse than such cuts, even if some people are now able to wrest back the Indiana Jones argument. Apart from that, the title is however like the main game despite the partly quite strong force here abolished, which we then but a little surprised. But well, we do not want to complain about it.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Story

Story-technically, The Old Blood is set before the events of the main game, but apart from a loose framework treatment is not linked with the happenings of The New Order. You are looking for a regime file that contains more detailed information on the situation of General Totenkopf’s Secret Base – a level base that you can take to the first level of the main game by plane. This is also the only link to The New Order’s story; the story of The Old Blood, divided into two parts and a total of nine chapters, also works alone in an excellent way. Nevertheless, when you keep the somewhat abrupt start of the main game in the back of the head, the slight suspicion arises,

The first five chapters of the story take you to the iconic and named castle of Wolfenstein – the first official excursion to this place if you like – and the up-and-coming Paderborn, which we did not necessarily remember as a mountain village in the Harz Mountains. Just the gondola ride up to Wolfenstein, past the picturesque settlement is very large ambiance cinema. Rarely before, a video game Trutzburg at the same time seemed as impressive as threatening, just in contrast to the Dorfidylle a few hundred meters further down the valley.

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