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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus: The Regime Strikes Back – Preview Special with Ten Gameplay Videos and 4K Screenshots

Hands-on preview of Wolfenstein 2 with ten gameplay videos: We have played the brutal anti-Nazi shooter in detail! In addition to our impressions, you will be able to see some brand new video material in this preview – including two complete missions, including interviews, lots of action, blood and exciting moments.

Heavy times for fascists: Though the evil regime in Wolfenstein: The New Colossus has the bulk of the world under his bobbing, but in the US the resistance stirs. As B.J. Blazkowicz, we are to unite the US rebel groups in an alternative in 1960, weld them into a powerful force – and, of course, flatten regime soldiers.

This is exactly what we did: At Bethesda we had the chance to play two levels from a very advanced PC version. One of them was brand new and brought many fresh insights, the other was already shown to the press at E3 – but this time we had no time pressure and were able to devote ourselves completely to the many details and innovations by which The New Colossus should stand out. Also part of the game: Andreas Öjerfors, senior gameplay designer of Machine Games, who answered after a few questions.

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In addition, Bethesda provided over one hour (!) Video material, which shows pure gameplay directly from the PC version. That’s why you’ll find a total of ten fresh gameplay videos and cutscenes in this article, where you can examine both levels yourself.

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Wolfenstein 2: B.J. Returns – singleplayer over everything!

Multiplayer is also a new word for The New Colossus, because Machine Games wants to concentrate on a gripping singleplayer experience. OK then! It does not seem to the developers anyhow, from the beginning hovered an epic action arc, which extends over three games. “Hopefully we can make a trilogy out of it!”, Öjerfors enthused, deliberately stopping the independent Prequel The Old Blood – whose plot full of occultism and Nazi zombies plays no role for the main line.

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The predecessor The New Order, on the other hand, should be absolutely known to see in Wolfenstein 2! Because the story is directly linked to the first part: A seriously injured B.J. Blazkowicz awakens after five months from the coma, frightened by rifle shots, which echo through the aisles of a submarine, which has dragged the resistance movement Kreisauer circle under the nail. Heavy-armed Nazis, in the German version simply called regime soldiers, storm the boat and shoot down the rebels. At first still unable to run, the weakened B.J. Into a wheelchair, a machine gun – one of the new crews – grabs itself and does what it does best to mow through fascist hordes.

The first impression is clear: Wolfenstein remains Wolfenstein! The weapon, the movements, the design, the sound, the raw brutality – everything immediately reminds us of The New Order and feels more like a refinement of what Machine Games has done three years ago. This is also confirmed by Öjerfors: “We take everything that is good at The New Order and drive it right to the top in terms of quality and intensity.”

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