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Wild West Online

WILD WEST ONLINE is a systems-driven, open world, Wild West-themed action MMO built from the ground up for PC and featuring.

Wild West Online: The first gameplay trailer for the Western MMOG

10.07.2017 at 16:14 The developer team of 612 Games has released first gameplay scenes for the upcoming Wild West Online in a new trailer. Players will get a first glimpse into different environments of the game world, in the combat system as well as in the city life of the online title.

Since the confusion with Red Dead Redemption 2 is the online title Wild West Online for many players a term. Just two months after the unveiling, the developer team of 612 Games has now presented its first gameplay for the Wild West MMOG. In a video about six minutes long, players get an insight into the game world of Wild West Online. In addition, there is also a first look at the combat system, the city activities and much more. Below this message, the published gameplay is ready for you to watch.

This month, the official alpha-phase will start at Wild West Online. For the time being, however, only pre-orderers will have access to the closed test of the online game. Until July 20, 2017, interested players have the opportunity to purchase one of a total of three packages. The official release is currently scheduled for the end of 2017. Before this, players should be able to try the Western MMOG in a beta phase. You can find more news and videos about Wild West Online on our theme page. In addition, we have made the rumors check: behind Wild West Online with Sergey Titov is one of the scandal developers of The War Z?

Wild West Online

Wild West Online: In the Open PvP it is to be fair

What Open PvP can do in an MMORPG has been shown by Ultima Online about 20 years ago. Constant attacks by powerful players led to the game, the players ran away, because they had no desire to be just the sheep for the wolves.

Nevertheless, many MMORPGs try again and again and want to introduce open PvP. Quite simply, because this makes for more freedom and it is “realistic” that some players are law-abiding and others are not. The upcoming Western MMO Wild West Online also puts a lot on PvP.

But the team has some ideas on how to counteract the so-called “griefing”. In the case of giants, they are players who enjoy themselves, especially weaker players, to attack them over and over again and rob them of the fun. The developer team is aware that this may lead many to turn their backs on the game when Wild West Online is the case. Nevertheless, one would like to keep the principle that players can also play bandits.

That is why the team has considered a reputation system. Whoever falls in his reputation through his evil deeds will eventually become a bandit. This puts a head money on him and other players can then hunt that person to collect the money. This is supposed to make it a lot of players two times, whether they annoy their teammates. Whether this will have the desired success, we will see if Wild West online is playable.


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