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Whether you’ve mature up disbursement nightly taking part in cricket within the galliyan of West Pakistan, or fidgeting with snow in North American nation, West Pakistan still exists as an area of you.
Your passport may well be inexperienced or blue or red however dil dil Pakistan!
Sometimes West Pakistan calls North American country back home, that invitations lots of queries from our peers…
So here square measure all the queries folks raise once you’re visiting your Pakistan:

Do you got to wear a burqa there?[irp]

Pakistan’s apparel industry has a number of South Asia’s best styles to supply. there’s a spectrum of vesture for everybody to point out off and flaunt their vogue, in spite of what proportion skin they require to point out or hide.
So no, there’s no burqa. I simply get to wear nicer garments.

Are you ready to eat the food?[irp]

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I might got to carry some Pepto-Bismol in my purse, however you higher believe I’ll be prepared every and each day to eat as several gol gappay as I will.

Are ladies allowed to drive?[irp]

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Yes. ladies aren’t solely allowed to drive, they drive professionally, as well. as an example, Shamim Akhtar may be a truck-driver WHO has traveled everywhere West Pakistan.

Is it safe?[irp]

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While we’ve got had our fair proportion of tragic attacks, the fact is that several families are living here well for lifetimes.
If it’s safe enough for them, we’ll be fine.

Is there web there?[irp]

Data is thus low-cost, I might stream 5 Netflix movies these days and still have another five gb for the month.It’s a separate story that I don’t need to speak to you thus I ne’er Skype you.

Will you get shot?[irp]

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The only reasonably shot I may well be is shot in associate degree forthcoming picture show. Kidding, they’re each unlikely.

Do you got to marry your cousin?

No. There square measure a billion additional humans during this world and that i still may not need to marry anybody.

What concerning the party scene?

Pakistan encompasses a killer underground scene. There square measure many raves and concerts to see out, some folks throw nice house parties.
Haan woh alag baat hai (this is another issue man!) if nobody invitations you to at least one.

Is it just like the Indian movies?[irp]

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Yes. I’m terpsichore behind a tree as I kind this and my saree is caught within the shit starting up of your mouth.
What different stupid queries have you ever been asked whenever you’re visiting Pakistan?


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