Warframe: Shrine of the Eidolon – Update with new Eidolons and vehicles announced

Warframe: Shrine of the Eidolon – Update with new Eidolons and vehicles announced

Digital Extremes have announced the next big update for Warframe. In Shrine of the Eidolon there are new Eidolons and first vehicles.The next big update for Warframe is called “Shrine of the Eidolon” and brings new game mechanics with it. This time, in addition to Riven transmutations, there are also first controllable vehicles and two new Eidolon.

Our test about Warframe: Plains of Eidolon

Gantulyst and Hydrolyst: the new giant opponents

The first Eidolon against which Warframe players have been able to fight since Plains of the Eidolon was the Teralyst. With “Shrine of the Eidolon” Digital Extremes add two more Eidolons. However, you can not expect (yet) great new designs: The Gantulyst and Hydrolyst look just like the Teralyst, but have a different color and a different arm.

The Gantulyst glows yellow and has a huge stone as an arm . He can also summon energy beams to defend himself. The Ostrons of Cetus have built a shrine for the giant in the hope of gaining his favor.

The Hydrolyst glows green and has a metal arm. He seems to be able to poison his enemies . For the residents of Cetus, he is a bad omen that announces a natural disaster.

Vehicles in Warframe

So far, the Dargyn were just enemies. The “Shrine of the Eidolon” update is the first time that you have yourself at the wheel of the aircraft. This should help especially in the search for the new Eidolons. As the Companions are armed, they can also provide air support with them.

You can fly the Dargyn yourself soon.

Many details do not yet call Digital Extremes. But it can be assumed that these Grineer aircraft can simply be stolen from enemy bases and not have to be built like the Archwing. In addition, it could be that the Dargyn have no maximum altitude as the Archwings.

Warframe and weapon balancing

We already reported on the new balancing changes to the warning frames . Recently, the developer also released details about a big balancing update for the weapons . Many older weapons are buffed and also the championship requirements are adjusted.

For example, the status chance of Boltor Prime , a once very popular weapon, is increased from 10% to 24% and its rating from 5% to 20%. But Digital Extremes reduce the damage from 55 to 44 and increase the championship requirement from rank 2 to rank 14.

Those who have already built the weapons do not have to worry about the increased requirements. These concern only the construction of the weapons and not their use.

As with the Warframes, the values are not set in stone and can still change. By the way, it will not be too long before the balancing changes come up. In the forum, Rebecca Ford, Community Manager of Warframe, speaks of an upcoming release .


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