Valve new game Not “Dota 2” but “Dota”


It’s not often the game giant behind «Half-Life», «Counter-Strike», «Portal», «Team Fortress 2», «Left 4 Dead» and «Dota 2» announces new games and we May actually return to 2013 to note the previous release (“Dota 2“).

And “Dota” is obviously a major commitment to the company, which now uses the “Dota 2” tournament The International as an opportunity to announce its new game.

The new game has been titled “Artifact” and becomes a new digital card game.

Not “Dota 2” but “Dota”

According to The International Host Sean “Day9” Plott is not directly linked to “Dota 2”, but the teaser is quite clear that it is inspired by “Dota .”

Plotts short description tells you to build barracks, creeps, and lanes – something that makes the game sound like a tower defense game – albeit in card game mode.

Currently, Valve keeps the cards close to the chest, apart from being scheduled for release in 2018.


Gets in the ring with Blizzard, Bethesda and CD Project Red

Digital card games inspired by game universe have been very popular in recent years, where Blizzard’s “Hearthstone” thrones at the top of the throne.

Bethesda has also recently released its own card game inspired by “Elders Scrolls”, while the “Witcher 3” card game “Gwent” also becomes a stand-alone game and is in a closed beta test.

With “Artifact”, Valve is now choosing to answer the other digital card games. No specific platforms are currently announced.


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