US military tests that make soldiers invisible



According to the new drone system LOCUST, the US military is now developing advanced camouflage systems. There were first suits presented to make the soldiers invisible. These could give the US armed forces immense advantages over other military forces.
The US Army has commissioned companies to develop “smart” fabrics to make their soldiers appear invisible. The first prototypes are to be tested in 18 months, reports the British newspaper “Daily Mail” . The army hopes for some of the project called “Invisible Whole Body Suit”: they should work in any vegetation and temperature , whether desert or jungle.

How the camouflage suits work

The camouflage suits function similar to the skin of the chameleon. They adjust their color exactly to the respective environment. The energy source of the new camouflage mechanism must not be heavier than 450 grams and should ideally last for eight hours. In addition, the suit, like other army uniforms, should reflect infrared light.

The companies would present the degree of feasibility over the next six months. Suits that are considered to be good are designed and tested as prototypes.

Metamaterials make it possible

Currently, two options are considered feasible. On the one hand, by John Pendry, a physicist at the Imperial College in London . He showed that it is possible to bend light around an object and hide it through meta-materials that channel electromagnetic waves. However, this usually only works in the laboratory, setting certain wavelengths and angles. In addition, meta-materials can bend light, but this does not lead to a complete invisibility of things.

Canadian manufacturer presents implementation

The second option is offered by Guy Cramer, head of the Canadian camouflage manufacturer Hyperstealth Biotechnology. He told the US military last month about camouflage suits made of metamaterials.
He showed to the astonishment of high US military that the bending of light through the ultraviolet, visible and infrared light spectrum is possible. The new project of the US military will help him develop these suits. Further details or photos of Cramers camouflage suits are not yet known.

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