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Urban Empire makes you a mayor. Can the drunken everyday life of a local politician as a Blaupause serve as an entertaining game?Or does Cities: Skyline remain the ultimate in the genre? The answer is in the test.

Urban Empire: a test of urban planning simulator with the political system and mayor elections:

With city simulations from Finland, PC players have recently had good experiences: in 2015 the small studio Colossal Order with cities: Skylines set a new standard in the genre. A year later, Reborn Interactive wants to match the country people. But Urban Empire differs in the test in one point drastically from the competition: It is not a so-called “City Builder”, but a “City Ruler”.

Meaning: As mayor, you should not stamp out new districts, schools, and police buildings as you wish, but you must first get the approval of the city council according to democratic rules. This inevitably means that the play process is much tougher at the beginning of a game than elsewhere. Do you want to release a new city district for settlement? Wait for the vote! The growing industry needs a train station? First, see if the parties support you with this construction project!

Where in Cities: Skylines quickly (and in the long run also a bit too easy) a stylish, industrious city from the ground, the mills grind in Urban Empire slower. The tough gameplay is not accelerated by scarce financial resources and difficult entry; the tutorial explains only the basic features, soon you want more transparency and additional information. This can sometimes lead to frustration. If you want to have fun at Urban Empire, you should plan a certain period of training!

Urban Empire in review: Little content

The campaign is the heart of Urban Empire and plays like a continuous mode without any intersections and story accessories. Only three cards are available. There are three optional scenarios in which you do not have to start at zero in the same way as in the campaign but have to fulfill certain tasks in an existing city. An editor is not available and also the Cities: Skylines so popular modding support is missing. The scope is thus comparatively meager, but you can spend many hours of genre-typing in the campaign and in every scenario.

However, the available land available on the maps is too small – really large metropolises can hardly be built. But even in medium-sized cities, the lack of overview disturbs, because the camera can not zoom out far enough to have the entire settlement in view. Too bad: Despite this measure, Urban Empire jerks when many buildings are on the screen at the same time.

Apart from that, however, the control has succeeded: the menus are hardly interlaced, and especially the creation of new districts, in which subsequently new inhabitants independently, is very comfortable with a few mouse clicks. Unlike Sim City & Co., you do not specify the course of individual roads, which assumes an automatic function. This means the player loses control, especially since the genre-type identification of residential, commercial and industrial districts does not work in the usual way. Instead, the game itself at first decides itself about the mix – only in the later game, the ratio can be adjusted.

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