Toshiba sells all shares of Landis ( Gains 40 billion yen)

Toshiba shares

TOKYO, Sept 21 (Reuters) – Toshiba (6502.T ) will be held by stock offering at the time of listing as the Llandys Gear Group, a major Switzerland generation next-generation power meter (smart meter), is scheduled to be listed on the Swiss stock exchange on January 21 Announced that it will sell all of the group’s shares.

Toshiba shares

It also plans to sell all holdings of a subsidiary of the Industrial Innovation Organization that holds 40% of the group’s stock.

Toshiba is expected to post a gain of about 40 billion yen on sale in fiscal 2017 due to the sale of the group’s shares.

Toshiba’s subsidiary Landis Gear decides on open price 78 francs

Toshiba shares

[Zurich 21, Reuters] – Toshiba (6502.T ) is a subsidiary of Switzerland’s next-generation power meter (smart meter), the initial public offering (IPO) of Landis Gear has been decided on 78 francs per share with open price near the provisional condition (70-82 Swiss franc) upper limit It was.

The market capitalization was calculated to be 2.3 billion francs ($ 2.4 billion), and it became the IPO in Switzerland since 2006, the largest oil petroleum major.

Transaction start is 21 days.

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