Police stop teens on hoverboards

Police stop teens on hoverboards

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Bad Lippspringe: Police stop youths on electric hoverboards

Three hover drivers – a 19-year-old and two teenagers – were stopped by the police in Bad Lippspringe in a pedestrian zone. The 19-year-old supposedly did not know that the toy is forbidden on public roads, since he would only have an English manual to get it. His two younger friends jumped off directly when they saw the officials.
Hoverboards, also known as e-boards, are powered by motocraft and can therefore not be used in the public transport area – they are fast over six hours. This means that driving licenses and approval papers would have to be obtained in order to obtain a driving license. However, since registration of toys is not possible, the legal situation provides for the equipment to be used exclusively on private premises.

Hamburg: body parts washed on the Elbe

In the Hamburg district of Rissen, two parts of a human body were washed on Thursday morning. As the police reported, a witness at the beacon spot on the Elbstrand first discovered one of the corpses not specified in the report and informed the officials. The investigators then searched the waterfront and discovered another body part. The police are guilty of killing, a murder commission has started the investigation. The investigators have not yet been able to provide further information on the demand for the star.
Nuremberg: Women secretly filmed under the shower

Two women were filmed in a hotel in Nuremberg by another guest secretly while showering. As the police reported, one of the two had noticed someone holding a mobile phone under the wall of the floor shower. When she came, she noticed a man who escaped from the Damdo. She followed the suspected spanner to his room and called the police. The officials temporarily arrested the 33-year-old. At a first check of the mobile phone they noticed that the second woman was filmed in the shower box. Investigations were initiated against the man.

Dusseldorf: clown for harassment condemned

A clown from Mönchengladbach has been sentenced by the court for food for harassment to a fine of 800 euros. According to “RP Online”, the street pantomime had hit a 50-year-old at the Po in the Old Town of Düsseldorf and called it a “bitch”. The 54-year-old street artist, who initially defended himself, appealed to the freedom of art. The judge saw this differently. The case goes now to the next round, the clown took a lawyer for it.

Eisenberg: Chlorgas exited in the open air pool – five injured

On Thursday morning there was an outdoor swimming pool in the Thuringian Eisenberg to the exit of a larger crowd of Chlorgas. Five persons, including three employees of the Freibad and two employees of a nearby physio-therapy, were injured according to police information. They had inhaled chlorine. Because initially it was feared that the Chlorgaswolke could move in the direction of a residential area, nearby roads were blocked. Meanwhile, all-clear was given.


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