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The Witness

The Witness, for PC, download for pc, full version game, full pc game. The Witness 2016 is an adventure indie puzzle game.

The Witness in the test: puzzle fun without context – “Why do I do it all?”

The Witness is celebrated as a new puzzle-savior. In the PC Games test, editor Peter Bathge can only provoke a certain condition for the continuous drawing. He asks the question: “What is this shit really?”

If there is ever a box version of The Witness, we would recommend the manufacturer the pen and notepad as an invaluable valuable extra. In the test of The Witness, it turns out that all the puzzles and confusion of the game, the lines and symbols, the puzzling rules and puzzles scattered around the island can not be remembered. You have to take notes, make sketches. The Witness is not only exceptionally heavy and thus a feast for friends of crispy headnuts. It also avoids any form of conventional support, as is known from other games.

There are neither tutorials nor NPC characters, which take one by the hand. Yes, not even a miserable text insertion can be seen. The great merit of The Witness and the developer team around Braid creator Jonathan Blow is that the puzzle game is so intuitive to learn that you do not miss such puzzle rests. At least until you are the first time for hours on a task and is wondering why you spent for this terribly frustrating playing experience to the 40 euros.

The Witness

The Witness test: Walkthrough hurts gameplay

The greatest entertainment is from The Witness, when you play it in small doses and pauses, as soon as you have once again determined on a new type of puzzle. The appeal is great to watch the solution in a Walkthrough video. My recommendation: Do not do it! The Witness is designed to give you a new building block in the puzzling ABC of the game with each successful puzzle. Whoever chooses the easy way has to look at the following purchases again, because the challenges build on each other. Stupid design decision: In some puzzle chains, we have to paint already solved puzzles again, if we fail in the subsequent purchase. If you do not want to go any further, and need help, you can find tips in our complete solution to The Witness.

The Witness does not make it any easier because it provides no explanation for its colorful symbols within the line mazes. The player has to find out which rules apply to the puzzles and why a seemingly perfect solution no longer works. At the same time, the developers are not frightened by nasty methods from the bottom drawer of game design. An early example: every brush stroke on the terminal is mirrored, so you paint two lines at the same time. This is a good thing for a while – until The Witness suddenly fades out one line and you have to think about the reflection in your head. At the latest, pen and paper prove to be extremely useful.

At that time, I had little more desire for The Witness.


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