The ultimate list of 125 things your dog may and may not eat [including Infographic]

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Curious about what your dog may or may not eat?[irp]

N ot all that we as people eat is suitable for your dog, there are people who get food to the dog with the pot. Whether this choice is the right one, you can decide on your own, how does your dog respond to certain foods. Of course there are also enough foods that your dog can eat to a certain extent without any problems. That is why we have made a list of foods that your dog can eat without problems and products that your dog absolutely should not have. It is always wise to consult a vet if in doubt. Always make sure your dog never gets too much of anything.

Below we have classified the different foods in categories, wondering what is harmful or healthy for your dog click on one of the products below.

Asparagus Celery Zucchini Galia Melon Cucumber Cabbages Mushrooms Pumpkin Leek Raw Potato Green Beans

Sweet potato Gherkin Kale Broccoli Peas Corn Sprouts Red Cabbage Sauerkraut Cauliflower Kidney beans Peas Cooked potato Paprika Chicory Spinach

dogs food



Toxic plants

Cherry Raspberry Pomegranate Kiwi Core Apple Pear Peaches Plums Stone fruit Orange Mango Watermelon Lemon Khaki Banana peel Tangerine Nectarine Strawberry


Meat fish

Raw pork
Sweets / snacks


Rice Cake

Cereals / Bread
Drink from pond / ditch
Cat Chunks
Horse Shit
With pot have dinner
Vegan / Vegetarian
Rats and rat-poison
Dairy / nuts

Macadamia Nuts
Boiled egg
fried egg
Whipped Cream
Pasta / Rice

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There are many different types of vegetables, but which one is now suitable for your dog and what is your dog absolutely not allowed? Read below which vegetable your dog may or may not have.
May a dog eat vegetables

dogs health

Andijvie is a leafy vegetable that is eaten a lot, actually this vegetable is available all year long. It is often consumed as a stew, but may a dog eat it ? A dog can eat both raw and cooked andy, which in both cases is not harmful to the dog.

Asparagus is a variety of ways to eat and very tasty, but especially nutritious. But what about your dog? Can a dog eat asparagus , how does he react to it and is harmful to your dog? The answer to this question is double, asparagus in itself is a delicacy for many dogs and therefore not harmful. If they are well peeled and cooked, the skin can be harmful because it is hard can cause a choking hazard to your dog.

Bleach celery is one of the most used vegetables in Italian cuisine, but in the Netherlands it is also a highly respected product. It is full of vitamins and minerals that are good for us as human beings, but what about your dog? Can a dog eat celery , is this not harmful and how does your dog respond to it? Ask anyone who may come up with you, the answer to the main question is; Yes, but to a certain extent, because there is nitrate in saliva. This can be harmful to your dog if he gets too much of it.

Zucchini is a widely used product in Dutch cuisine and cucumber family , it often adds an extra bite to your dish. What if your dog has got a piece of cake, can a dog eat a zucchini ? Is it harmful to your dog, can he tolerate or work it negatively on his intestinal flora. Your dog may eat a piece of zucchini, always keep an eye on how your dog reacts for the first time.
Galia melon

Galiamoon is a refreshing snack in the summer for us as humans, but how about your dog. Can a dog eat gali food? Is this not bad and does your dog not suffer from various ailments? The answer to this is no, read the extensive blog, may have a dog galiamelo for all answers to your questions.

It’s nice weather and you think, I’ll go to the end with the dog in the woods. Of course, in the forest, everything grows. Mushrooms and mushrooms are a big part of it, but how harmful is it if your dog gets this? It can be life-threatening to a dog and even deadly ending, so be careful!

The pumpkin is a family of both the cucumber and the melon, as we know these are not harmful to a dog. The cucumber consists mostly of water and is therefore easily digestible, but what about a pumpkin? Does your dog have a piece of pumpkin , does not he get sick of this? Your dog may eat a piece of pumpkin.

Cucumber is found in almost every household, it is used a lot and it’s fresh. Whether you are doing the salad or just eating it does not matter, it is also very healthy and contains all kinds of vitamins and minerals that are good for you. But is this also true for your dog? Can a dog eat a cucumber , does not he get sick of it and how does he respond to a piece of cucumber? Your dog may occasionally eat a piece of cucumber, make sure you clean him well and remove the skin to prevent poisoning.

dogs food

In many vegetables are the nutrients that are good for your dog too. Now there may be vegetables that are not good for your dog. But how about this kind of cabbage can eat a dog of cabbage , there are many different types of cabbage. It is important that you cook boil before cooking them on your dog.

Leek is a commonly used vegetable in Dutch cuisine, while cutting leeks it may happen that a piece falls on the ground. Your dog often gets there quickly if he is not behind you. How dangerous is it for your dog to eat a dog leek , what happens when he gets this? Leek is very harmful to a dog even if he only gets a little bit inside. Therefore, be careful about the residual waste when cutting your leek!
Raw potato

Many dogs, if not all dogs are very curious and try to eat everything they eat for the snout, but can a dog eat a raw potato ? A raw potato falls in the category dangerous for your dog, it contains solanine that can lead to poisoning of your dog. A cooked potato, on the other hand, can not be harmful as long as it does not contain salt.
Green beans

Beer beans are almost impossible to think of Dutch cuisine, you can prepare them in a wide range of variations. They are full of vitamins and taste delicious, but is this also true for dogs? Imagine if you are bouncing beans and you drop yourself, your dog is often faster than you and has one in his mouth. Is this harmful or can not it hurt? Can you give them better cooking to your dog or can it be raw? Read the blog can eat a dog of strawberries , for all answers to your questions

Lettuce is a very served side dish for several meals, it often adds an extra refresh to your meal and, above all, it is very healthy. Does this also apply to your dog, may a dog eat lettuce ? Is this not harmful to your dog? Read the blog for all answers to your questions.

At the thought you probably get all your questions, will a dog find a nice onion? Dogs are curious and always want to try everything, so whether they are raw or not, they will try. Can a dog eat onion and what is now wise to do if your dog has eaten a piece of onion and is this harmful to your dog? Raw onions contain oxidants, these oxidants damage the red blood cells which may pose a risk to your dog.

Like cucumbers, tomatoes are also for the most part out of water and easily eaten away for us as humans. It can of course always happen that your dog gets a piece of it or you give your dog a piece. Can a dog eat a tomato and is this harmful to your dog? Tomatoes themselves can only digest a dog to a limited extent, but only with unripe tomatoes, these can have big consequences.
broad beans

Garden beans are the seeds of a pod, a pod can be opened and the seeds in it are the beans. The question is, can a dog eat strawberries ? Is it harmful to your dog or can he digest it well? A dog can tolerate beans perfectly, it is only advisable to cook them first because raw beans can be poisonous for your dog

Carrots are a very popular vegetable in the winter months, but also in summer it is a nice refreshing snack for snacks. Carrots are in all kinds and sizes, especially for the well-known winter pine in the stew. For our people, a carrot is a healthy snack, but what about your dog? Can a dog eat a carrot or is it dangerous?
Sweet potato

Many people think that the sweet potato family is of the normal potato , but this is not the case. The sweet potato falls under the tubers family. You can think of the sweet potato of all kinds of variations like; Cooking, baking or making dishes. But what about your dog, can a dog eat a sweet potato ?


Augurk is closely related to the cucumber , which can also be seen in the form of both species. The difference is that a pickle is soaked in vinegar and brine, but does a dog like this? Can a dog eat a pickle?
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There are many different types of cabbage; Red cabbage , cauliflower but also sprouts and broccoli fall below. Can a dog eat kale ? This is a question many people ask. In our blog you will read all about this.

There are many different types of vegetables, the broccoli falls in the coal family like red cabbage , cauliflower , kale but alsoSprouts . But can a dog eat broccoli ?

Beetwarts seem to be boring vegetables, but you can actually think so much more than most people think and often know. The most famous variant is likely to be the pots in the supermarket with buttocks for most people, but is it possible for a dog to grow ?

dogs food

Mais grows in the Netherlands on the meadow, in addition it is widely used for garnishing dishes. Also in salads it is widely used, besides, it is very popular to eat a cornflower with butter and salt , but can a dog eat corn ?

In all vegetables are the necessary nutrients that are good for a dog, not all dogs are fond of vegetables. However, there are several dogs that find a piece of vegetables at the time a true delicacy. Does this apply to sprouts? Can a dog eat sprouts ?
Red cabbage

Red cabbage falls just like; Broccoli , cauliflower , sauerkraut , kale and sprouts among the cabbage family Not all dogs can tolerate certain vegetables as well. Want to know if your dog can eat red cabbage, read the blog; Can a dog eat red cabbage for answers to all your questions,

Sauerkraut falls just like; Broccoli , cauliflower , red cabbage , kale and sprouts among the cabbage family Not all dogs can tolerate certain vegetables as well. Want to know if your dog can eat red cabbage, read the blog; May a dog eat sauerkraut , for answering all your questions,

Cauliflower is a much eaten vegetable, as the word it says is a descendant of the coal family . Certain types of cabbage contain a substance that if you do not cook it can be toxic to your dog. Read the blog about eating a dog cauliflower to find out if this also applies to cauliflower.
Kidney beans

With brown beans you can make many varied meals thinking of the best known ones; Chili con carne, but also brown beans with bacon is very popular. Brown beans are very nutritious and are filled with good fibers. In most cases, it does not matter what you are cooking in the kitchen, because your dog often takes a look or something tasty for him. But can a dog eat brown beans?

Peas are legumes The most famous preparation is probably pea soup, delicious during the cold winter months to warm up again. Peas, like beans , beans and brown beans come from a pod. These pods grow on a tree, the pea tree. But can your dog actually eat peas
Boiled potato

There are dogs that accompany the pot , so also the real Dutch fare. This includes the cooked potato, but may dogs eat boiled potatoes? Is this bad for them, can dogs get sick by eating boiled potatoes?
Bell pepper

Peppers are available in different colors, the most famous being red, yellow and green. You can eat them as well as process them in many different dishes. Paprika is a very healthy snack and has relatively few calories. A bell pepper has a green stem that is not edible, and on the inside is a core with all the small pits that you need to remove before eating. That pepper for people is a sent and tasty snack, we knew that. But is this also true for our dog? Can a dog eat pepper?

Chicory is a much eaten vegetable in Dutch cuisine, you can prepare it in different ways. Both hot and cold, chicory is good to eat. If you choose cold, you can process it in a fresh chicory salad with small pieces of apple and a dressing. If you choose hot it is delicious with ham and cheese and possibly a sauce over it for an additional taste, but can your dog also eat chicory?

Who does not know him popeye with his tin of spinach, of spinazie you are strong, it is usually said. But is it also true that spinach is a good source of nutrients that is clear. You can prepare spinach in a variety of ways and make your taste and wishes all the way. Is your dog spinach really good too? More importantly, the question is: Can your dog eat spinach?
There are many things that your dog may be fine to some extent, too much of this can still be a problem. What about fruit?
May dog ​​eat fruit

Not everything that a human is eating is suitable for your dog, but can a dog eat pineapple ? If your puppy or older dog has caught a pineapple, what should you do? A pineapple per se is not directly dangerous, it can even help your dog to get rid of food stools on food

An apple is extremely healthy for both humans and animals, so the question may be a dog apple is the answer yes. Just beware , the clockhouse contains pitje and these pits contain blue acid that is poisonous for your dog.

Not everything that a human is eating is suitable for your dog, but can a dog eat apricot ? If your puppy or older dog has caught an apricot, what should you do? An apricot per se is not directly dangerous, but the pit can pose a danger to your dog.

A dog may occasionally have a piece of fruit, but it’s only important to know if it’s also suitable for your dog there are fruit types that are not suitable for your dog. But can a dog eat avocado ? In an avocado, a piece of persine is harmful to a dog.

Many dogs find fruit very tasty, there are also dogs that do not mind it. You can often read about your dog’s reaction if he likes it or not. Or it’s good that’s another story, but what about banana, can a dog eat banana ? Banana can digest a dog in a little bit and it is also good for the bones.
Always visit the vet if it is wrong!

dogs food

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Blue berries are a real delicacy, you can eat them as a snack. You can also eat them by, for example, the yoghurt or as a smoothie. They are full of good vitamins and minerals, but are they good for your dog too? Can a dog eat blueberries ? The answer to this is yes, it is healthy for your dog to read for all the answers to your questions the blog.

Grapes are often so small that you do not have to check if your dog has one. Often before you notice, evil has already been done. Can a dog eat grapes or can not it really be angry? Both grapes and raisins are harmful to your dog.


Raspberries grow on a bush, you can eat raspberries in different ways. It is a pretty healthy fruit for us as humans, but does this also apply to your dog? Can a dog eat raspberries , are they not harmful or are your dogs bothering their intestines? Read the blog quickly for answers to all your questions.

A pomegranate is a good source of nutrients, this applies to us as people. How about your dog, can a dog eat pomegranate or is it harmful to your dog?
Your dog can respond to fruit in a variety of ways, but you do not have to worry about a pomegranate. This can cause your dog to eat without problems.

Cherries are nice as a snack, but whether this is true for your dog is the question. May a dog eat cherries , the answer to that question is resolute no the pit in the cherry is very toxic to a dog and can have serious consequences.

A kiwi is a good vitamin C booster for humans, but what about dogs? Can a dog eat kiwi , is it harmful or can a dog digest this well? The answer to this question is quite clear, a dog may eat kiwi as long as it is peeled and given in small pieces, it can not be hurt and your dog often finds it delicious.
Clock house apple

A piece of apple often finds a dog and this is also no problem for a dog. But can a dog eat an apple’s cloakhouse ? What about it, if you give your dog an apple, do it in small pieces. The clockhouse can be a danger because of the pits contained in it, these contain blue acid.

A common piece of fruit in Dutch households, but dogs are also fond of fruit what about pears? May eat a dog pear , a pear in itself is not dangerous for a dog, make sure that you cut the pear, make sure that your dog does not get pitjes, these are harmful and can even be deadly for your dog.

As mentioned, many dogs are fond of a piece of fruit, unfortunately not all fruit is good for a dog. What kinds of dogs a dog may or may not differ, but can a dog eat peaches ? In peaches the danger is in the pit, the peach pit contains cyanide which is poisonous for your dog.

Plums have many antioxidants, so they are such a healthy fruit to people besides that plums are healthy, they also have a laxative effect. The laxative effect of plums often works well against constipation, but is this also true for your dog? Can a dog eat plums ? Yes, please read the blog for information on all your questions.
Stone fruit

Stone fruit is a great concept and it therefore fall under many types, think of apricot , avocado , cherries , peaches much more. The question is of course, can a dog eat stone fruit ? And they are dangerous for your dog. The stone fruit itself is not so dangerous that they are harmful to your dog. The pit, on the other hand, is harmful to your dog.

The orange is consumed in various ways, both pressed and peeled. But what if you just peeled your orange and your dog takes a piece, can a dog eat orange ? An orange in itself can digest a dog perfectly, as long as it’s small pieces it’s no harm.

You can give your dog a piece of mango in good time, just add (because mango is a stone fruit ) that your dog does not get the pit. The pit can be dangerous and even lethal to a dog, read the complete blog about; Can a dog eat mango for answers to all your questions.

A delicious refreshing snack during the hot summer months, but also outside the summer it is a wonderful snack. There are different types of melon, the most consumed species; Watermelon , guantaloupe, galia melon and the sugarmelon.

Fruit is extremely healthy for humans, and there are also many dogs who get a nice piece of fruit in their time. Especially in the summer it is a nice refreshing snack for many dogs to eat a piece of fruit. Lemon is often used as a refreshing addition in, for example, spa red, lemon provides a better delivery of toxins in the body. But is this also true for your dog?

On hearing the word many people think of a color and not directly to a fruit, it is a sweet fruit that is not just available in every supermarket or greengrocer each. A khaki is orange in color and very healthy, but does this also apply to your dog? Read the blog about; Can a dog eat khaki ? For answers to all your questions regarding a khaki
Banana peel

Bananas are eaten a lot and are also very healthy, unfortunately everyone does not throw his banana peel into the bin. For example, it may prevent your dog from catching up and eating it. Can it hurt that your dog is eating banana peel or does it matter? Read all about it in the blog; May a dog eat banana peel .

Mandarins are a very hot snack, they are not only tasty and nutritious but also very healthy. There are a lot of different types of mandarins. Tangerines look very similar to the orange and are also none of the family’s family. If you are picking a mandarin, it is often interesting for your dog. He often wants to know what you are doing, and preferably a piece of yours, but can a dog eat a tangerine?

Many dogs love fruit, most likely yours too. But may dogs be fruit, are there any types that are harmful? We can imagine that you may think of certain fruit types; May my dog ​​eat this, it’s bad or maybe even harmful. Can a dog eat nectarine?

There are many puppies and older dogs who love fruit. While there are also many dogs that smell and turn away with the head and think how can you handle me. But can you have a dog to eat strawberry ? Do not they bother, do not they get sick? Before you carry your dog strawberry, you will obviously know if this is harmful or possibly even deadly for a dog. Do you have to go to the vet immediately after carrying a strawberry?
Dairy and nuts
There are many different types of nuts and dairy, but which ones are suitable for your dog and which is your dog absolutely not allowed? Read below which dairy / nuts your dog may or may not have.
May eat nuts

Many people still have the idea that an egg is good for the fur’s fur, but is this actually a dog’s egg ? A raw egg is easier to digest than a boiled egg, but it is not harmful. Keep in mind that it will never be too much.

How often does your dog stand next to you when you are cooking a sandwich in the kitchen. It’s logical that you can not always resist your dog’s temptation, but how good or how harmful is cheese for your dog, can a dog eat cheese ? Cheese contains sour salt and lactose, which can be harmful to your dog.
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Milk is a much consumed product, also dogs find a milky bowl at a time. Is milk good or bad for your dog can a dog drink milk ? In milk, lactose, when a dog gets too much, he can get digested and get complaints. What complaints can your dog get from drinking milk?

Yoghurt is a product that, like milk, is very popular, but whether it is for dogs as well, there are opinions about it. The one says it’s good and the other finds less. What is now truth and what happens when your dog gets yoghurt in. If your dog has a slightly weaker intestinal flora, your dog may get strange phenomena. But can a dog eat yogurt ?
Macadamia nuts

Nuts are often a treat to humans, even dogs will sometimes be offended if they get the chance. Now, the question is whether macadamia nuts are dangerous for your dog and can a dog eat macadamia nuts ? The answer to this is yes. Your dog may have different ailments after eating.

Peanuts are a snack that is often taken out of the closet to get the first starving or set on a birthday. Your dog is also crazy about looking and looking for a while, then he sees the opportunity to get some peanuts. Is it dangerous to your dog and can a dog eat peanuts ? Your dog is suffering from vomiting and diarrhea by eating peanuts.


Nuts are there in all sorts of different kinds such as; Almonds , Peanuts , Macadamia , Hazelnuts , Walnuts . Certain nuts may be dangerous for a dog. Read the blog can eat a dog nuts for answers to all your questions.

Almonds are family of nuts , here are also the Peanuts , Macadamia nuts , Hazelnuts , Walnuts beneath. But can a dog actually eat nuts? Are these not harmful to your dog, in the blog , a dog can eat tons of food ?

The walnut is actually a kind of mold and is often a bit bitter, though not too bad it is a healthy nut for people the walnut is as the name already suggests family of the nut family like: Peanuts , Macadamia , Hazelnuts , Almonds . But can a dog actually eat walnuts? For answers to these and more questions, read the blog: Can a dog eat walnuts?

Hazelnuts have a hard exterior and are a non-commonly used nut, and the hazelnut is derived from the nut family and forms this family with: Walnuts , almonds , peanuts , almonds and macadamia nuts .
Boiled egg

At almost every breakfast it is served either a boiled egg or fried egg , or there are people who eat a raw egg or want to feed the dog. But is a boiled egg good for your dog? Can a dog eat a boiled egg ?
Fried egg

A baked egg can be served at many meals, and on a sandwich it is tasty and very nutritious. But may a dog eat a fried egg or it’s bad. There are also dogs who like a cooked egg or even raw egg .
Whipped cream

Butcher’s cream is often used as an extra for example on the cake, hot chocolate or coffee . For example, you can use whipped cream for many things, it’s delicious and often produces a slightly creamy flavor on the product. Dogs are often sweet on sweets, but can dogs eat cream ?
Sweets / snacks
There are many types of candy and snacks that we eat as people, but your dog is of course also interesting. What can be harmful to us when people are not harmful? What snacks are there for your dog now and which ones are not? The alternative is of course always a hound nack .May have dog snacks

Dogs are fond of meat, many dogs sometimes get a BIFI sausage. Of course, it’s also possible that your dog is getting too fast, and someone who is meaningful for yourself is getting rid of. Is a BIFI sausage now really dangerous for your dog, can a dog eat BIFI ? BIFI is made of dried meat and that can be infected.

A sweet fruit / snack that is difficult to obtain, often in the special toko’s. In addition to being sweet, they are also nutritious. But does this also apply to your dog, can a dog eat dates? Read the blog; May eat a dog’s day to answer all your questions.

Many people like currants, currants are dried grapes, and like grapes are dangerous for dogs, this also applies to currants . Currants can cause kidney failure of your dog and thus have serious consequences.

A raisin is a dried grape, grapes are dangerous for dogs, so it also applies to raisins, but can your dog eat raisins ? If your dog has eaten raisins, it may be that he is going to vomit. Then your dog can get a bad stomach ache and become hyperactive.

Most of the salt we enter is in food and drink we consume, this is more than three quarters of the total amount we enter. The remaining amount of the other quarter we often add ourselves to our food during cooking or at the table. But can a dog eat a drop ?

Popcorn is nothing more than corn , corn can perfectly tolerate your dog. But is this also true for popcorn? Can a dog eat popcorn ?

Chips are in many different flavors, but chips also contain a lot of salt . Can a dog eat chips ? Read the blog for the answers to all your questions.
Chewing gum

A chewing gum is often fresh, if you have just eaten something and you’re not home then you do not always have your toothbrush. Many people think it’s a good alternative to put a chewing gum in the mouth for a fresh breath. But what if you drop a chewing gum and your dog is faster than you? In chewing gum is xylitol , can a dog eat chewing gum ?
Rice waffle

Many people eat rice waffles because they are reasonably cheap and a good way to lose weight. Because they contain low calories and are fairly nutritious, they are very popular. But are rice waffles also good for your dog? Can your dog eat a rice waffle , what if he has finished eating too quickly?
May dog ​​eat planets

Spring has started so the nice weather is coming on, your dog walks in the park or snuggles between the flowers and plants. Before you know, he has something in his mouth, in this case he returns with a nettle. You have no idea whether it’s dangerous so the question is: Can a dog eat a nettle ?
Toxic plants

You see them everywhere, whether it’s home or along the road, plants are abundant. Often it’s a nice face especially if they are rich in color. If we walk out with our dog, it will often be noticeable that he snows everywhere. So it’s not crazy that he sticks his nose into something he may regret later. Can a dog eat plants?
Meat fish
Meat and fish are a widely used product like vegetables, and dogs are also fond of it. What kind of thing is good for your dog now and which are harmful, it may happen that you have to prepare certain types of meat in a way to make them fit for your dog.May dog ​​eat meat
Raw pork

Many people choose to give their dog meat, for nothing there is special food for the dog in which meat is processed. The problem with pork is that this can cause Aujeszky’s disease with your dog. Do you want to give your dog some pork then find information about can a dog eat pork?

Mussels are eaten a lot by people, also your dog can be a fish lover. How about your dog eating mussels, is it that your dog can have this and more importantly, how does your dog respond to it? Mussels can cause allergic reactions to both dogs and humans. Can your dog eat mussels ? If you want to have your dog eating mussels, try it first with one mussel and see how your dog reacts to it.

About humans, fish is a healthy addition to the amount of omega 3 that you have daily power. The phrase “the nose of the salmon” is not for nothing. Salmon is a real delicacy and an expensive fish, but is it also for your dog, can a dog eat a salmon ?
Minced meat

A f you look at meat you can prepare it in many different ways, including consuming. You have people who like to eat minced meat, but is this good for your dog? May your dog be chopped , both raw and baked.

In addition to a block of cheese , liver sausage is a very good bite on a birthday. Leverworst is therefore a widely used product, many Dutch households have it in the fridge. Would you be able to feed your dog with a slice of liver sausage?
Chicken breast

Chicken may be, as it is often called, the most versatile used in the kitchen. You can do all kinds of preparations and it is also healthy and a good source of protein. But is chicken fillet also suitable for feeding your dog? Can your dog eat chicken breast ?

Many people like fish, fish is a special product, which is a bit higher in price than meat. But the advantage of fish is that this is a good addition to the daily amount of omega 3. Shrimps are available in all sorts and sizes to be healthy for us, scientifically proven. But is this also true for our dog, can a dog eat shrimp?
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dogs food

There is a large group of dog owners who give their dog a piece of meat in time, both raw cooked and baked. The opinions are distributed here, one says that it is good, the other finds it bad, the truth will be somewhere in the middle. Whether it is good or bad is to overlook, but whether it is dangerous in connection with the risk of bacterial infections is to be determined. But can a dog eat a steak?
Chicken bottoms

Chicken wings are a often-served snack on a birthday, for example. Nevertheless, if you do not even notice that your dog can get caught. In addition to being often seasoned, they also contain bones. Are chicken bones harmful to a dog? Can a dog eat chicken bones or can it have serious consequences?
The bottom

In many meat that we consume as humans, bones are left, of course, with some exceptions. These we turn to a certain point and then throw them away, but why throw away if our dog may have a lot of fun. The question is, of course, are bones suitable for your dog and more importantly, what bones can your dog absolutely not have in connection with splinter danger?

Fish is an incredibly good source of vitamins and minerals that we can not extract from meat. In addition, there is also a group of people who eat only fish and no meat. Can a dog eat fish?
Rice with chicken

Among athletes it is a popular and nutritious meal rice with chicken, but not only athletes eat it. For example, think of nasi, the base is rice with chicken then you can taste it with all kinds of vegetables, herbs etc. Dogs also love human food and in some cases this is also not bad at all for a dog and he is fine To eat with the jar . But can a dog eat rice with chicken?
spare ribs

Who does not know them, saving them in almost every bistro they stand on the menu and a real challenge for the big meat lovers. Spareribs can be prepared in a variety of ways, both on the barbecue but also in the pan or even in the pan. To give an extra taste to spareribs, spareribs are often marinated to make them taste tenderer. But can your dog actually eat spareribs ?
Pasta / Rice
In addition to potatoes, a lot of pasta and rice are consumed in our country. You can make a lot of different variations with pasta and rice, just think of macaroni , spaghetti . Besides these 2, there are of course many more variants. But what can your dog do, or what can not your dog eat?
May dog ​​eat rice pasta

Also in the Dutch kitchen doing rice growing its appearance, it is a good replacement for potatoes . Not everyone likes rice tasty, but it is widely consumed. You can process rice in a variety of dishes. Think fried rice, but also rice with chicken is very popular

Macaroni is originally an Italian dish, just like spaghetti , but it is already well-established in the Netherlands. Most households eat it regularly and it is very nutritious. You can prepare it in many ways, what is the favorite for you. There are also dogs that often eat with the pot , but is this good for a dog? Can a dog eat macaroni?

Pasta is together with rice aPotatoes a very eaten product, pasta is very nutritious and often also very popular among athletes. If your dog has been eating your dog, he may have had it, but is it good for your dog? Can a dog eat pasta or is it harmful? Read the blog for answers to these and more questions about eating pasta by your dog.

Spaghetti is originally from Italy, like macaroni, spaghetti is a very popular dish in Dutch cuisine. It is very nutritious and also very tasty. The advantage is that you can prepare it in a variety of ways in the way you like it. There are also dogs that often eat with the pot , but is this good for a dog? Can a dog eat spaghetti?
Outside the well-known categories, there are many products we have at home and you can get your dog or maybe you can do it yourself to your dog. But do you really know if these products may be harmful to your dog and which ones are good?What may dog ​​eat?
Cereal / Bread

You may want to spoil your dog occasionally and give him a slice of bread because he’s standing in the kitchen for so long as you can not resist the temptation. Is it wise to feed your dog occasionally a slice of bread, can a dog grain and eat bread ? It may be that in some types of bread there are nutrients that make your dog less responsive.

How nice it is, it’s cold outside and you take a hot cup of tea with a nice piece of chocolate. When you go to the closet, your dog knows exactly how to grab some sweets and of course he wants something. When you sit down with your piece of chocolate, your dog often comes crazy with you and also wants a piece, but he does not get it. Nevertheless, your dog knows how to get a piece of chocolate. How harmful can this be for your dog? Can a dog eat chocolate ? Cacao itself is poisonous for a dog and can cause chocolate poisoning.
Drink from pond / ditch

Often when you walk with your dog you will see a few pools of water or walk in the woods and there is a small pond. Your dog walks well and gets thirsty after all running and jumping and decides to take a few slugs out of the pond. Is this dangerous for your dog? Can a dog drink from a ditch / pond ? Because the water is standing still, all kinds of bacteria have the time to grow, including blue algae. Blue algae can be very harmful to your dog.
Cat breasts

You go on a visit and take your dog, now the people you visit are visiting a cat. Your dog is hungry and is committed to the cat breasts. How harmful can it be for a dog, can a dog eat cat breasts ? Cats are not very good for your dog, cat breasts contain less vegetables than dog food.

There are dogs that eat poop, it looks strange if you see this happen. Every dog ​​has his own preference, but is it harmful too? Can a dog eat a horse pole ? In the case of horse rush it may be very dangerous to your dog, horse ranger may contain dewormers.

If your dog is sick, you will of course want the best for your dog. If you are sick or are not completely in your skin, you may want to take a paracetamol. If you accidentally fall late and your dog is faster than you can pick him up can it affect your dog, may a dog eat paracetamol ? It can lead to poisoning with your dog.

Pump with food

It’s easy to cook and you’ve got a bit of money, and you have a meal for your dog. Can a dog feed the pot ? How good or how bad it is for your dog is, of course, also dependent on the meal you are currently feeding your dog. It is therefore wise to just give your dog his normal trusted dog food .

There are people who eat snails and like this too, so the question is, of course, can your dog eat snails ? Many dogs walking in the garden and seeing one who like to play with them, but what if they accidentally get in? Dogs may be dangerous to eat them.
Always visit the vet if it is wrong!

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The care of the teeth is important for both humans and dogs. There are different kindsDog toothpaste and of course also for people. How does a dog’s body react to toothpaste, does a dog have toothpaste ? What is only suitable for people? Toothpaste for people contains fluoride This substance is extremely toxic to dogs.
Vegan / Vegetarian

It’s possible that you do not eat at all meat at home, a dog is a carnivore and is therefore crazy about meat. In fact, a dog still needs meat in most cases. It can of course always happen that your dog is not good at meat, then there is an option to give him a vegetarian diet, but can a dog eat a vegetarian meal ? Do not do this and consult with your vet

Xylitol is a commonly used sugar substitute, so the chance is also a lot bigger that your dog gets in. Can a dog eat xylitol ? If your dog gets this inside, he can get a lot of trouble. Therefore, it is important that the items in which it is processed do not leave home in places where your dog can easily assist.

Almost all the foods we enter are salt. How good or how bad is salt actually and can eat a dog salt . Of course, too much salt is never good for both humans and dogs, but what should you do if your dog has gained too much salt? Normally, dogs do not eat salt, but if your dog is eating with the pot, they may prevent salt from entering. They can feel restless and still have several annoying phenomena.

Ginger is a widely used spice in the kitchen, but is ginger actually so healthy? For us people, ginger is a nice addition to your meal, often it just adds an additional taste boost. Ginger does have a real taste, so you have to love it. How is this actually with our dog, can a dog ginger or is this poisonous to them?

Garlic is a widely used product in our kitchen, but is it actually healthy? Or, we use it purely for the taste and have no idea what it does to our body. The same goes for a dog, dogs are curious and always want to try everything. Can a dog eat garlic?
peanut butter

” Who did not grow up ”, then we are talking about peanut butter. The most commonly used siege in Dutch cuisine. Many people like it, of course there is also a group that needs to smell peanut butter and get a goat’s skin. Peanut butter is as the word already says from peanuts , but can a dog eat peanut butter ? Read the blog about what you need to know.
Coconut oil

Coconut oil is processed in many products we consume, whether it be food products or care products in almost everything. It is very healthy and also very nutritious to us as people, but the question is; Does this also apply to our dog? Can a dog eat coconut oil?

To make growth of a crop promoter, you can choose fertilizer . This is composed of different types of waste, dogs are often fond of this. If you are walking with your dog and you let your dog loose on a field, this lawn may be sown with fertilizer . What if your dog does eat this will be harmful to your dog to get this?

Coffee, the hot drink that many people start with in the morning. Nothing goes beyond the aroma of a freshly baked baking coffee. But that we have been drinking coffee has been a concept for years, but is it also true for dogs? What if your dog drinks coffee ?

At every party it’s almost over, alcohol . In the form of beer , wine or spirits. Alcohol is an anesthetic and worsens the alertness. The danger is, of course, that during this unconscious inattention your dog may get alcohol. Then, of course, the question is, this is dangerous for your dog and can damage your dog here.


Bread is often eaten, but also processed in many other recipes. Often as a replacement variant of panel bread. Also, we humans often eat it with a cup of tea if we suffer from diarrhea and want to get something in. Does this also apply to your dog? Can a dog eat a broom ? If your dog is suffering from diarrhea, you could damage him, this is not dangerous or harmful to your big friend.

Totally during the summer months it is refreshing to occasionally take a delicious ice cream, this way you can still cool off a bit despite the hot weather, but also during the holidays ice is much eaten dessert. You have water ice creams, ice creams in all sorts of different types and flavors. But can a dog actually eat ice cream ?

In apple pie, a stew or if the soup is often a nice addition in terms of taste. But cinnamon also suitable for your dog , he will not get sick here, or it might even deadly for your dog? These are all questions we can wonder if it’s actually dangerous for your dog.

dogs food

Beer is a widely consumed alcoholic drink , in all sorts of flavors and tastes. On both birthdays and in sports cafes it is a much drunk drink. As all dog lovers actually know, our four hot friends are often very curious and want to taste everything. How about beer , imagine dropping beer and drinking your dog.

Norit is a very well-known and widely used product in diarrhea, with dogs suffering from diarrhea , for example, if they have eaten something wrong. But is it wise to give your dog than norit? Or you want to take Norit yourself and drop a tablet and your dog will eat it. Is it harmful to your dog or your dog can handle norit without any problems.
Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is an incredibly old remedy with different versatile effects from earlier times. It helps against all sorts of little annoying stools, but it also works in a preventive way against all sorts of other things. It’s an awesome healthy addition and it’s affordable. But that is good for people, it has been known for years, but is this also true for your dog? Will you be able to give your dog apple vinegar and how does he respond?
Rat and Mice Gifs

Nothing is worse than rats or mice around the door or worse at home! Fortunately, there are plenty of means to chase these animals because they bite everything broken and can cause a lot of damage. If you have rats in your house, this may have several causes, your basement may be so damp that they come off. You can choose to use rat mice, but what if you have a dog and it has got a rat mice gift?


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