The Secret World becomes the TV series

The Secret World

The secret world decks, the secret world chronicle, Actually The Johnyy Depp’s film company is behind the filmization of the Norwegian game. The Norwegian online game The Secret World has a reasonably rich setting that blends magical beings and powers into our real world.

Just this setting has obviously caught the attention of Johnny Depp and the production company Infinitum Nihil, who now tells them they will make a TV series based on the Funcom game.

The story will be about a bunch of secret agents and the war between the three organizations found in the game: Illuminati, Dragon, and Templar. The gang will fight supernatural phenomena across dimensions, which often form the basis of the conspiracy theories we have heard through all years.

On the minus front, we find James V. Hart, who wrote the 1991 movie Hook, along with the slightly less famous founder Jake Hart – while Depp himself is a producer together with Christi Dembrowski, Sam Sarkar, Pam Veasey and Gudrun Giddings.

The latter must have secured an option on the project already in 2012, ie when the online roulette game first came out.

We have not yet received a release date for the series, which means that it’s hardly just around the corner at least.

Funcom recently released a completely renovated version of The Secret World called The Secret World Legends. The game is now free and has been refurbished.

The secret World gameplay!


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