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The Long Journey Home

Daedalic wants to shift the focus of space exploration to the narrative: “People should be able to experience stories,” explains Andreas Suika, who has contributed to series such as Anno and Die Siedler. Negotiation skills, bizarre aliens, and resource depletion are the focus – only in exceptional cases does the attacked spaceship crash into the battle. A secret tip for fans of Firefly and StarControl 2?


Comprehensive return journey

Around ten team members work for Daedalics Düsseldorfer Studio West on the space adventure. It will be released in autumn for the PC and next year for PS4 and Xbox One. After a warp prepared with a lot of media tamtam went wrong, the crew of the Daedalus is found at the other end of the galaxy. The background of the accident is mysterious because the jump drive is actually a safe technique. For the time being, the four travelers will have to get back home. Unlike in No Man’s Skythe player does not sit in the cockpit. The Unreal Engine shows the flight from a side, zoomed out perspective. Like in an old arcade game, you can see a tiny little shuttle to the planet in a stylized overview, and can save a little on the gravitation of planets for “slingshots”. If you are looking at other ships, you can circle them in a closer view or attack a fight – sometimes they give you a warning shot to strengthen the negotiating position in the following conversation. In addition, the player sometimes starts a shuttle to search planet surfaces for raw materials and valuable relics.

Some of them contain, for example, language fragments which provide the translation software with new vocabulary. After my scanner “Unusual Readings” has spat out, I make myself with the landing shuttle on the search for Borate minerals. The old-style thrust-inspired style has been significantly simplified compared to early versions of the game. I had to get used to the slow flight behavior in the first few seconds, but then I landed gently on a planet, with the help of the drill a few needed resources from the ground. The developers, unfortunately, saved an anchor, but with the help of the nozzles, the glider can still press against the frosty-smooth ground in strong winds.

Partially randomly generated

Depending on the result of the procedural generation, other materials, soils, liquid, gases, and plants are found on the planet. Much is thus diced up. In order to create a certain continuity, however, the alien species and their characters remain the same every time. Those who have passed a passage of around four to six hours (the size of the galaxy can presumably be determined in two stages at the beginning), can thus use the learned fads of other figures to its advantage next time. This also makes it possible to estimate the offerings of flying traders better: tapping and bluffing seems to be very popular at this angle of the galaxy. Also, the docking on another ship went with the help of a gamepad relatively easily from the hand. Who would, Richard Cobbett, who writes for Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and the world of Sunless Sea, was the author with many exciting story-snippets. “He also immediately knew what we were talking about, came right with Firefly and similar series, which we also had in the back head,” Suika reports. Here, too, the story is told with many small dialogues, which are mainly at the meeting with aliens – or when there is Zoff at the crew. Do you really want to take the alien ambassador of the rounded species Glukkt, stranded in space? Its people keep at least one of the warp knots important for the journey under control. So it could not hurt to get along well with him. A mystery behind these leap portals are the robots of an ancient civilization, which still keep the technology in place for unknown reasons.

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