The History of #tags


The History of #tags

The #tag first being employed in 1988 on a platform referred to as web Relay Chat.

They were used abundant then as they’re these days, for grouping messages, images, content, and video into classes. the aim after all, is therefore users will merely search #tags and find all the relevant content related to them.

Fast forward to October of 2007, once Nate Ridder, a resident of metropolis, American state started appending all his posts with the #tag #sandiegofire.
It was supposed to tell individuals worldwide regarding the continued wildfires within the space at the time.

Stowe Boyd is that the journalger UN agency was initial aforementioned to own formally known as them “# tags” during a blog post in August, 2007. I keep in mind reading that journal post as a result of, at the time, it had been the sole factor that showed up in search results after you curiously Googled the term “# tag”.

By July of 2009, Twitter #tags were formally adopted by Twitter and something with a #tag ahead of it became hyper-linked. and also the move was later accentuated once Twitter introduced “Trending Topics”, putting the foremost popular#tags right its homepage.

Using #tags

The area unit many reasons to use #tags, for each personal and business applications. On your personal profiles, it’s useful to stay family and friends au fait what is going on on in your life and also the things within which they’re most {interested in|curious regarding|inquisitive about|fascinated by} knowing about. whereas standing updates area unit a way of doing this, #tags area unit a way to cluster sure aspects of your life. for example, if your family or friends have an interest in spreading the word a couple of explicit cause you are often concerned in, #tagging your can permit them to quickly notice the newest news.
And not solely regarding you, however others doing an equivalent.






Corporations are accountable for making a number of the foremost standard #tags, doing therefore to push a selected product or service. little firms have followed suit, incorporating trending #tags into their social media presence. it is a approach not solely to affix in on a informal topic, however produce new dialogue. Some firms use #tags to stay up with their competitors’ selling, learning what will generate and does not generate interest. These meta tags also can be wont to talk-up a campaign or unfold buzz regarding associate future event.

The Drawback of victimisation #tags

Of course, there area unit a couple of drawbacks to victimisation #tags. initial and foremost is that you simply do not own them. There are not any rules or pointers. after you add the #symbol before a word, it becomes a #tag and anyone else will grab it and exploit it. It becomes hard, particularly in business, if it’s hijacked and used nefariously.

For example, McDonald, that is often related to food and avoirdupois despite of rising their brand, started a #McDStories #tag that went infectious agent during a unhealthy approach. Around 1,500 “stories” went out from users claiming gastrointestinal disorder, unhealthy workers and varied different complaints. the great news is that solely two of the Tweets that came in were negative, however the press they got from it had been enough to sweat regarding.




For most individuals, the #tag is employed for fun. several trending #tags, like #Proud_to_Be area unit merely wont to share associate opinion. Others facilitate organize news stories around major events. And typically they are simply created au courant the fly to create a Tweet sound funnier. The interpretation and usage area unit perpetually up to you, like most Twitter non-standard speech, however the foremost basic perform of a #tag is to make one, organized feed of Tweets around each.


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