The Crew – Wild Run Edition pc free download

The Crew – Wild Run Edition

the crew wild run pc download

The Crew – Wild Run is the expansion of the iconic action-racing game The Crew.

Go racing with players from all over the world – from speed races across the asphalt to driving in off-road cars and all types of engines. You and your crew have to earn a place in “The Summit”, a racing event in all places in the USA. This is the place to test the most demanding vehicles, meet challenges and upgrade your cars to exotic specimens. 

Show off your skills to earn a place in The Summit, an unofficial event at the most iconic places in the USA where thousands of drivers meet. Through spectacular competitions with a variety of vehicles, from engines to other exotic cars, the race culture is celebrated extensively. Race with your engine to The Summit and impress the audience in the monster truck arena in Yosemite. Burn the rubber of your drift car and break speed records with a dragonfly on Bonneville’s salty plains. The event has begun and you and your friends await promising challenges. The Summit has begun!


All brakes loosen!

Play epic vehicles free: supercars, fast engines, big monster trucks, reversible drift cars and roaring dragsters. Play with every performance and victory spare parts to customize your vehicles. Tune the best cars to bring performance to an unprecedented level and leave your rivals behind you.


Participate in “The Summit”

Find each summit and show off your skills in a variety of events. Meet the challenge with thousands of racers worldwide. Defeat your opponents and release exclusive rewards.


Be active

Challenge your fellow champions, complete co-stunts, make sure you stand out and seek new rivals to challenge in The Summit. Be a part of the renewed open world of the United States. Now with lifelike lighting and beautiful graphics.


‘The Crew’ basic game including the ‘The Crew – Wild Run’ extension (DLC code)

– Race with a varied range of vehicles: engines, monster trucks, dragsters and drift cars.

Experience the huge open-world race game with a dynamic weather system and amazing graphics.

– Go non-stop the competition and endlessly enjoy The Summit. A major championship taking place at various iconic locations in the USA.

– Through the seamless social interactions in Freedrive you can complete co-stunts and spontaneous challenges.


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