The Black Eye: Satinavs Chains Game For PC Download Free

the black eye satinavs chains

Our complete solution to The Black Eye: Satinav’s chains are here. The popular Pen & Paper Rolling Game concept captures a new genre: for the first time, we can save the DSA world Aventuria in an adventure before evil.

Satinav’s chains were developed by the German adventure experts from Daedalic, who, among other things, for Edna breaks out, The Whispered World and Deponia are responsible. Our complete solution solves all the puzzles of the game.

In DSA Satinav’s chains, you take control of Geron, a simple trapper who was prophesied as a child by a powerful as well as a vicious seer, that would bring great disaster to his people. The seer was burned on the pyre. But there are more indications that the seer could have returned. The fate of the kingdom of Andergast is at stake. How you can save the world, you will learn our tips.


With our complete solution, you master the most tricky puzzles of Satinav’s chains successfully. Afterwards, you will find a detailed solution of the entire first chapter of The Black Eye: Satinavs Chains. You will find the solution for the remaining four chapters at the same place in the next days. Enjoy puzzles and games!

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