The best Android apps in July: This Google pixel launcher wants everyone

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The Google Play Store has a number of apps, many of which are highly recommended. Whether you are looking for a useful tool for everyday life or just want to be entertained, there is an app for everything. The problem: In the gigantic selection, the true pearls go down easily. This is why we are looking for the best applications from all areas in our app portal . In our photo gallery , we present our highlights of the current month. You will also find some APK recommendations, that is, apps that are not in the Play Store and are absolutely secret tips.

The Google Pixel is a stylish smartphone – especially the user interface pleases many people right away. It can now be used with any Android phone. With the Pixel Launcher Lawnchair you can conjure the GUI to your own Android device. And even without root privileges.

On the Homescreen you will find a toolbar with Google search and language search, the current date and a tray with your five favorite apps, which you can change by hand.
If you are looking for the Google app, you will find it to the left of the Homescreen, all apps are hidden as usual in the Drawer. Particularly cool are the various configuration possibilities, with which you can change icons or whole apps disappear. Google features can also be modified or hidden.
With Lawnchair , you also get an advantage that otherwise only users of Google Smartphones have: You can already catch a glimpse of the newly implemented features of Android O, which are implemented in the Launcher.

The top apps of the month
You can find all other apps as mentioned in our photo gallery . Every month, we present you with 20 editorial-selected top apps. If you do not want to miss a highlight, you should check out regularly at . Also included is our app-risk index , which shows you which permissions are required for most apps and whether they are justified. So you always have in mind whether you should not avoid an alternative to protect your privacy.


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