Team Liquid Wins Over $10 Million At International Dota 2 Tournament

dota 2 international 2017

European Team Liquid broke off with the massive first prize of $ 85 million after thanking Chinese Newbee in Dota 2 International tournament 2017.

This year’s big event in DotA 2 got its conclusion on Saturday. The International 2017 had a massive prize pool of about 196 million, a total of 184 million sponsored by players through purchases in the game in advance. In the final Saturday, European Team Liquid and Chinese Newbee met. Newbee has previously won The International in 2014, while Team Liquid has never had particularly great success in previous The International tournaments.

Favorite delivered

Newbee had been solid throughout the tournament and went unbeaten through the upper part of the tournament. Team Liquid got it tougher and had to go down to the loser bracket to fight the knife against the throat all the way through the playoffs.

Newbee originally started the tournament as one of the favorites to win, due to its consistently strong presence throughout the competition season. But Newbee came back in the final game when they met LFY in the final in the upper bracket. The battle went back and forth between the two Chinese teams, where Newbee showed quite a spectacular team play and won the match

Liquid, on the other hand, met LGD Forever Young in the loser bracket final. With exciting games and unusual strategies, Liquid managed to defeat the Chinese opponent and was ready for the final against Newbee.

Superior in the finals

In the final, of course, the Chinese were clear favorites, but it would turn out to be very tough. European Team Liquid eventually won 3-0 over the favorite. This is the first time in history a team has won without losing a point in the final in The International.

Team Liquid made the most of the huge cash prize, bringing over $ 85 million home in premium. Andreplass Newbee had to thank just over 31 million.

Third and fourth place, two Chinese teams ended up, LGD Gaming and LGD Forever Young respectively.

Final Match Dota 2 International

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