10 Smart Ways to Start Teaching Kids About Money


1. Play games that ought to do with teaching children regarding cash.

Board games like Monopoly and Life are often a fun manner for teenagers to be told regarding cash. thus gather your whole family around your favorite game and let your grade-schooler unleash her inner mogul.

2. Take your kid shopping:

Teaching children regarding cash are often a locality of standard house routines like planning to the grocery. Tell your kid what your budget is and create a game of shopping for what you wish under it set quantity. Clip coupons, and let your grade-schooler assist you realize things on sale. A 9- or 10-year-old will take a calculator and assist you keep track of your purchases — and figure our what proportion you saved.

3. offer him AN allowance:

teaching kids

By grade-school, children area unit ready to do additional chores to assist round the house. Whether or not you tie chores to an allowance, it’s a good idea to get your grade-schooler into the habit of managing his own money.

4. Encourage her to save:

You can use a cute piggy bank you pick out together or a favorite Hello Kitty wallet — whatever it is, designate a place where she can keep her money. Some experts suggest giving your child three different receptacles to put her money — one for saving, one for spending, and one for donating to a charity. Then, you can decide together how to divide up her weekly allowance amongst the three jars.

5. Take it to the bank:

Go with your child to the bank and open up an account. Explain to him that his money will grow when he leaves it in the bank.

6. Teach her how to talk about money:


A 7-year-old once asked someone we know how much money she made. It was an innocent question — grade-schoolers are often curious about things like how much someone’s house cost or what someone’s salary is. But they usually have no concept of what that number may mean (one of my son’s friends once declared that his parents paid $500 for their house!). Gently explain to your child that it’s not polite to ask people how much money they make or spend on things.

7. Curb TV time:

Kids are often subjected to an incredible quantity of commercials during a} very short span of your time. Adults have bother fighting the influence, thus however are you able to expect a 10-year-old — abundant less a 5-year-old — to be resistant to the engaging attract of the most recent toy or kid-gadget?

8. justify credit cards and ATM cards:

Younger grade-schoolers might imagine that cash comes out of ATM machines or merely|that you just} will simply acquire things with a mastercard. Even older grade-schoolers might not totally perceive what it means that to use credit (that paying for things with a card will usually mean paying interest).

9. Set an honest example:

As with such a big amount of things, what you are doing matters. ne’er slug purchases to your relation. And invariably place purchases into context, action that things aren’t what create folks happy. prompt him that there area unit much more valuable issues — like payment time along — that don’t value a thing.

10. Teach generosity:

No lesson regarding cash is complete while not some discussion regarding charity. facilitate her place cash in perspective by showing her that there area unit several different things — like love of family and our fellow group — that area unit valuable.

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