System Shock RE: Developers are well on schedule

System Shock RE: Developers are well on schedule

System Shock RE: Developers are well on schedule: As the development team of Nightdive Studios announced, they are well on schedule with the development of the action role-playing system Shock Remastered. In September, the title should be played through from beginning to end. But that does not mean that the work is over. 

The release is not expected until around 2020.

The development of the action roleplaying system Shock Remastered has been going through a difficult time. The development got out of hand and the game would have become almost completely different if the team had not pulled the emergency brake. Now the title is on its way to becoming a real remake of the original.

In a new developer update, the team says it’s very well on schedule to complete a release by September that will run from start to finish. There are currently some work on the levels and puzzles instead. A new employee has even been hired to take care of the development of the infirmary on the space station. The team also works on models for opponents.

If the big milestone is reached in September and System Shock Remastered is then played through, that does not mean that the game is finished. Then the fine tuning, the optimization, the bug fixing and the balancing begins. Currently, a release is expected in the first quarter of 2020.

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