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Sudden Strike 4

Sudden Strike 4:

Sudden Strike 4 is a real-time tactics (RTT) video game set in World War II. It is the fifth game in the Sudden Strike series and the fourth standalone release.

Sudden Strike 4 on Test: Successful return or old iron?

An RTS classic comes back and presents itself to our review: With the fourth series, the Sudden Strike series wants to create the balancing act between a return to the roots and modern playing feeling. Whether that works, we have found out in the test.

A single American spy sits in an abandoned house in a village in the Ardennes when suddenly dozens of German tanks rumble through the village. With his unit, he retreats through the forest to a first small defensive position. Three armored personnel guards keep up the German Panzertross for a while, but the Wehrmacht is superior. With transport vehicles, the survivors fled to the Allied position in the south, and the preparations for a murderous Abwehrschlacht begin …

So one of the seven missions on the side of the Allied forces begins in the new strategy game Sudden Strike 4. But does that sound exciting or does it play so? And can the fourth offshoot of the series fans and newcomers alike inspire? In the test, we go to the bottom of these questions.

Sudden Strike 4

We are playing in three campaigns either the Allies, the Soviet forces or the Wehrmacht in the Second World War. Before each mission (for example, the Battle of the Ardennes, the Barbarossa Company or the Battle of Stalingrad) we get a written history of the situation, then we can pick up some passive bonuses (for example, media kits for infantry or sand packs for tanks) before going on the battlefield goes.

Sometimes we have to break a few bridges, sometimes conquer. Then again, opposing flak positions must be switched off, so that the Luftwaffe can operate undisturbed. Does the enemy make life difficult for us with fat artillery? The job is clear. The heavily scripted missions always consist of several parts, such as when the enemy retreats, instead of fighting on a hopeless post, or when a massive counterattack to the temporary retreat forces us. Developer Studio Kite Games has done a good job on the scale (three campaigns with over 20 missions) and the mission design: our tasks are diverse and exciting.


Very nice to watch

Debris and bodies (!) Fly around, bullets bounce off armor and buildings explode in fat fireballs: The graphic presentation has done very well. In addition, the environment has a considerable influence on our units: In the deep snow, infantry and tanks are slowed down, on artillery guns can get us a fast, wet grave. Tanks leave their traces everywhere and when a steel bucket rises, this is a spectacular sight. In addition, the animations of the soldiers are finely detailed, for example, when the mortar’s fighter fires the grenade or the engineer fires on an armor.


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