Stranger Things – Season 3 with fewer episodes will not happen until 2019

Stranger Things – Season 3 with fewer episodes will not happen until 2019

Netflix announces a third season of its series hit Stranger Things. Meanwhile, the number of episodes and a possible release date has been mentioned. Accordingly, it will probably continue until 2019.

Netflix has already confirmed another season for his series hit Stranger Things. Meanwhile, the Duffer brothers have begun work on the 3rd season , but will be slightly shorter than the predecessor relay.

Season 3 with fewer episodes

As producer and director Shawn Levy confirms to TV Line, the new season will be just eight episodes, one episode less than season 2. But it will not be as tragic as it sounds. Finally, the first season also comes on eight episodes.

Series fans, however, have to wait a little longer for the new episodes than previously thought. Because, according to Shawn Levy, the shooting for Season 3 starts in April . The time for a release date will be too short this year. Thus, the new season at some point in the course of the next year on the streaming service at the start. An exact date will be announced.

First details about the plot

In the meantime, the writers and inventors of the series, the Duffer brothers, have started scriptwriting:

“Our kids are getting older, so there’s nothing left but to rush the plot and produce the show quickly, you’ll be almost a year older when we start shooting Season 3. […] That forces us to leap for time do.”

Much more is not revealed about the plot. With the return of the young stars Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and Eleven fans can look forward to a reunion with David Harbor as Sheriff, whose fate seems to be the last open.

The fight between Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the Shadow Monster continues, the Mind Flayer introduced in the second season. Also, Noah Schnapp’s character Will Byers should not have that much trouble in the first two seasons. And for Cara Buono’s character Karen Wheeler, on the other hand, “all sorts of things” are conceivable, revealed Shawn Levy. So it’s interesting to see what the brothers are planning for the new episodes.

The first two seasons of the mystery series Stranger Things are still available on Netflix.


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