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Splatoon 2

Sweeping cool and colorful Nintendo fun Splatoon has revived the Nintendo Switch.

Before I say anything else, I just want to say that playing Splatoon 2 is incredible fun. Nintendo’s two year old paint shooter has revived their new hybrid console and although it has not changed much since it has changed Once, this is still great and colorful multiplayer action.

Not all is the joy and gamut of the octopus, but if you own a Nintendo Switch, there’s no need to go out into the little addictive shotshifts.

Octopus of the rainbow

Just like  the original Splatoon , Splatoon 2 is also a game where you jump into the shoes of a young anthropomorphic squid in search of honor, honor and fame.

However, the road is long: it goes through infinite arena-based multiplayer games, where two teams of four are still raging in the totes on each other. These games are very short compared to other multiplayer games – just three minutes long – and are set to explosive and engaging basketball. And Nintendo succeeds well.

The game’s main mode, “turf war”, is the one who engages most clearly, and is also a great example of what Splatoon 2 really is about: Here you do not necessarily kill all players in the opposing team. Instead, Nintendo embraces a more passive model, where the goal is simple and accurate to cover as much of the battlefield with your team’s colors as possible.

That’s why you run around with paint rolls instead of knives and buckets full of ink instead of pumpkins. When you had usually seen blood, throat and cut limbs, Splatoon 2 produces it all as a fresh and a little daring childhood leek. When you die, you turn into a small shed of the enemy’s ink before waking again at the next crossroads, ready to continue painting work.

It’s a refreshing twist and a combination of my natural instinct and the game’s very intuitive concept make this a game.

My favorite weapon was quickly painted – look so pretty it will be !. Picture: Espen Jansen / Gamer.no

Painting city red, green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, purple …

A very pretty game as such. Splatoon 2 is an incredibly nice game, much thanks to the various colorful ink types that are sprayed everywhere. The two teams that meet up to each other can both deliver one random color at the beginning of each match and this can be so many – all the colors of the rainbow are included, and it makes the game a visual gem.

No matter what color you get dealt, it’s always gonna end up, the wonderful chaos: The eight players blush painfully away in all sorts of crutches and hooks, and finally there’s a huge combination of sweeping great color palettes that dander the track. It’s simply just very nice.

Besides the purely aesthetic, there are also several other reasons why you would like to cover the multiplayer cards with their own ink: By doing this, you also make it easier for you and your to take you back and forth on the game board. A simple button press allows you to appear below the paint surface as long as it’s your color it’s about. This allows you to move incredibly much faster than usual, and even upwards walls. This allows each level to experiment with different vertical solutions, and it’s essential to learn how to quickly make a way up and around the enemies.

While you are under the surface you will also be able to fill up your ink tank. Just this I did not get that much to begin with: How would I like to know when I was running out of ink? It took a very long time before I realized that my game figure actually went around with a physical tank on the back, which clearly shows how much ink you have.

Such things should perhaps tell the game a bit more clearly, and this is far from the only annoyance in Splatoon 2: You can not trade weapons between matches; You do not have the opportunity to leave a multiplayer lobby (unless you go out of the game); There are only two maps available in the regular game mode at any time; Each time you start the game, you have to press through a minute explanation of the widths available there and then; And getting rid of a team member’s position works incredibly badly (as this usually leads to a safe death).

Several of these things are just trifles, but there is a lot of popping up while playing.

Splatoon 2 is more than just multiplayer, and also offers paint fun suitable for those who like to play alone. A fresh one-player campaign lets you catch up with hot octopus monsters while you’re solving simple puzzles and getting fish-game games like pearls on a lace.

The story is not a lot to write home about, but each time it’s up to make fun in the face of computer-controlled opponents. And that’s how it works well. This part of the game is nevertheless chopped for the fish in my part – the different levels are pretty and elaborate, but extremely linear and relatively simple.

The same can also be said about the game’s collaboration mode. Here, up to four players are thrown out in battle against ever stronger enemy horrors. This time, however, there are strange salmon waxes that are going to the press, but in practice it works much the same way: Sprinkle opponents and surroundings with paint to win.

Both single player and collaboration modes are spiced by several clever boss enemies and clever ideas, and this is what saves these parts of Splatoon 2 from being completely eelite. To “grind” on paint rays. Shooting fans with moving platforms, playing games with a huge sweep and activating huge ink fonts with a few shots are incredibly exciting mechanics – it’s just a pity that they are not exploited better (or at all in some cases) in the multiplayer game.

There is little or no synergy between the different parts of Splatoon 2, neither in terms of equipment or ideas, and this is perhaps the biggest weakness of the game.

The single player section has many cool ideas that are never used to the full in multiplayer modes.


Splatoon 2 is easy and charming game fun – easy and simple. The game allows you to philosophize for ever-changing issues, such as preferring mayonnaise or ketchup, or whether you identify more like a squid or as a child.

Then it throws you into bubbly paintings duels with wild strangers across the globe. Just like in the original, it’s once again the multiplayer part that is in the center, and this is also by far the best part of the game.

Splatoon 2 is full of personality – and stylish clothes you can buy to unlock new features to your character. Picture: Espen Jansen / Gamer.no

The matches last for three minutes, each team has eight players, and it’s all about covering the board with more paint than opponents. This leads to a number of eternal colorful settlements, where you are free to play as you like. Whether walking back and forth with paint roller to try to cover a larger area in a shorter period of time; Pick up twin weapons to go straight into the throat of the enemy with special attacks; Or trying out a solidarity mix of the two modes of play, is entirely up to the individual.

Fun and easy it is anyway. In fact, it may be a little tooeasy.

Because yes, Splatoon 2 is by no means perfect – it has a number of small, annoying errors that may bother you – but it’s ultimately the basic game mechanics that make the experience a bit good … yes, sordid. There are, of course, many different weapons and game styles to switch between, but ultimately you just run around and spray down floors and walls with colorful ink.

Then I think that the three different parts of the game – single player, multiplayer and teamwork – could probably benefit greatly from lending more ideas from each other. As it happens now, it seems more like three widely different gaming experiences, where only one really manages to keep me engaged for longer.

When it’s fun, Splatoon 2 is really fun, and thanks to the short explosive rounds, it’s easy to think “just take one fight” before putting the Switch on the shelf, then taking seven- Eight rounds to. And then it may not be so much that you do not get out of the multiplayer lobby or that the single player part is a little slack in the octopus.


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