Top 5  Social Media Apps Released in 2016



We’re all on that. Checking our phones for Facebook notifications, WhatsApp messages, or causing Snapchat photos. no matter your most well-liked platform is also, it’s safe to mention that social media looks to require up an enormous half our lives, being accessible currently over ever. i feel it’s straightforward to forget that new social apps and websites area unit being launched each month, a number of which can be the “next hot factor,” there’s only 1 means of deciding what’s “hot” and what’s not, try it!

1. Yubl

Imagine WhatsApp and Snapchat had a child, add some nice new options and you have got Yubl. Yubl permits you to speak with the final public or friends victimisation text, photos or each. a good feature of Yubl area unit sticker polls. What area unit sicker polls? Well imagine you and a bunch of friends need to fulfill up, rather than electronic communication every severally, you’ll place Associate in Nursing interactive sticker poll on your message. “Want to fulfill at 7pm or 8pm?” every friend would push what time works best for them and you all get the results. It’s simply some way of constructing life slightly easier.

2. Gripp

What’s your story? With Gripp you’ll tell it! Gripp is Associate in Nursing app that enables you to post photos onto never-ending story for the planet to view! Imagine you wish to point out everybody the superb dinner you created and the way to form it, offer them a step by step tutorial with Gripp. or even you wish everybody to envision the fun day you’re having at the ball game, you’ll try this too! the simple to use platform permits you to swipe through and follow stories you love!

3. Net Around

You’re at a conference with many people, however you’re searching for a selected individual that probably may well be your next leader, however does one realize them within the crowd? web Around acts as a virtual card with email, number and different necessary contact data permitting you to attach with individuals abundant easier. It’s straightforward to use and a good plan for the skilled networking app business. a bunch admin can produce a bunch that you simply and anyone else at a conference, business, college or event will increase, everybody World Health Organization is gift therein cluster can have all their contact data visible, creating it easier to urge to bear and meet up!

4. Talkshow

Imagine texting to the whole world, and forming your own show out of it. Talkshow permits you to publically text you friends through their mobile app platform. Not solely are you able to text publically however you’ll conjointly read text conversations that others area unit having, invite friends to your own text show or follow others.

5. Anchor

Maybe you detected a extremely awing quote, otherwise you need to inform a funny expertise that happened to you, Anchor permits you to publish audio items for all to listen to. “Radio by the individuals,” their locution goes and its straightforward app platform permits you to pay attention to and follow users in addition as produce your own “waves” as they decision them, comment and reply to others via your own voice.


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