The secret of success


Why some people are more successful than others? 

Why does it seem that everyone is easy to succeed while others are plagued and not a step forward? A question that drives many. The answer to this is described by the term Resiliency : The ability to see things relaxed and to rise again after setbacks.

One of the leading resilience experts in Germany is the psychologist Denis Mourlane. In his book of the same name he explores the undiscovered abilities of the really successful ones. To control emotions and impulses with discipline, without suppressing them, is one of these skills for him.




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It helps to keep personal goals in mind. Empathy shows resiliency people’s needs and moods of their environment. Finally, a realistic-optimistic self-assessment as well as the basic conviction that even negative situations can be mastered on their own is important.

Remember the strengths

Like Jean Poirier: He has been an assistant camera for the film for eleven years in Montreal. For many, a dream job, but he came up with some limits: “I lacked the contacts to really make a career in the industry,” he recognized with fine antennas. Instead of sticking to the supposed dream at any cost, he looked at his situation with a healthy sense of reality: he could not change the playing rules of the industry.

secret of success

But he remembered his strengths and changed the job. He did a nine-month training. Today, he runs his own outdoor company in Baie-Saint-Paul, north of Quebec City. “Many colleagues did not understand that at the time,” Jean told me. But he always had his aim clear and was convinced to do the right thing.

His resiliency finally saved him from greater damage: “When the economic crisis came, many former colleagues became unemployed and no longer knew,” reports Jean. But he had looked for a way of life in good time, which really suited him.



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