Sea of ​​Thieves: Dataminer find reference to Open Beta

Sea of Thieves: Dataminer find reference to Open Beta

Zealous Dataminer has taken a recent update of the online pirate game Sea of Thieves to the chest and found among other things the reference to an open beta. Among other things, the data contains traces of several quests that players should then be able to compete in the open beta phase. There is also talk of a new faction called “Order of Souls”.

Apparently, after the recently completed closed beta in the foreseeable future, there will also be an open beta for the online pirate game Sea of Thieves (now available for € 64.99). Corresponding evidence has at least recently found some Dataminer in the current update of the MMOs. Among other things, they report on traces of several quests that players can then tackle as part of the open beta phase.

In addition, a new faction called “Order of Souls” is due to make its debut, for which you can perform some magically inspired missions. Furthermore, new features for the Pirate Editor will be available as part of the Open Beta. So you can then customize the eye colour, facial hair, tattoos, scars and other details to your liking. Added to this are new dealer NPCs, an as yet unspecified Armory menu and an improved AI for the Kraken.
AdTech AdHowever, an official confirmation or even announcement of the open beta of Sea of Thieves by Rare is still pending. The release of the online game is still scheduled for March 20, 2018, after a few shifts.



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