Sea of ​​Thieves: According to the developer, release is just the beginning

Sea of Thieves: According to the developer, release is just the beginning

The developer Rare is content with the contents that the pirate online game Sea of Thieves will have to offer on release, but does not rest on it. As the coworker Joe Neate betrayed, this represents only the beginning of a large journey, with which above all also the community can and should participate. Anyway, plans for future content are abundant.

If everything goes according to plan, we can plunge into the adventures of the online pirate game Sea of Thieves now for € 64.99 ) on March 20, 2018 . According to Joe Neate, who earns his bunches on Entwicklerstudio Rare , the team is pretty happy with the content that will be available on release. But they do not want to rest on that – on the contrary.

“We have a good feeling about the launch offer,” said Neate in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine. “This is also true of our plans to grow and evolve the game, the launch is just the start, and I’m really looking forward to starting this journey, and we are currently focusing on the launch experience of the game And then we’ll have a great start for players, and then we’ll move on to our post-launch roadmap with new features. (…) We’ll continue to include feedback from the community, they’re usually the first ones to us say, if we do not give enough information and justification, we love that they help us to be honest. ”

Furthermore, Rare has released a new video for Sea of Thieves, which introduces you to the background story using gameplay scenes and cut scenes. Among other things, you will also see some of the factions as well as exotic locations. You can find the video directly below this message.

Source: Official Xbox Magazine (via WCCFTech ), Rare


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