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robin hood the legend of sherwood

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In almost all real-time tactics, such ascommandosordesperados, a cautious approach to the game principle is raised. Also, Robin Hoodexcessive courage is out of place – and this, although Robin can count on the support of the population. The game Robin Hood tells the legend of the same name in about 40 acts. While King Richard is on a crusade, the sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John suppress the people. Farmers and traders suffer from high taxes as well as arbitrary justice. Only Robin Hood feels strong enough to organize resistance: he is carrying money away, freeing prisoners, and stealing the confiscated crown jewels for his king. As he distributes the stolen money among the widows and orphans and is generally regarded as a peaceful man, his prestige in the population is so high that new volunteers join his gang after each coup.

At the beginning of the game, Robin is on his own. In a town located at the foot of a castle, his mate Stuteley is to be treated with some other delinquents – the best time for a spectacular rescue operation. The player now has to guide the armed fists, arches, and swords into the city and free his future companions. Theoretically, there are several possibilities: Robin can secretly sneak between the guard posts, he can knock them unconsciously or he can fight them with weapons.

As the whole city is teeming with opponents, the first possibility is not enough. And since the population does not like to see a hero killing a lot of soldiers, the third possibility is also taboo. There is no other option but to open the way – which is very difficult at first: Stuteley can stunt an unconscious victim, but as soon as a guard detects a dejected or tied comrade, he awakens or frees him and calls for reinforcements. After all, one of the liberated is a heavily-built giant who is not only better than Robin but can also carry the motionless bodies out of sight.

In most missions, therefore, Stuteley and the Hue (later to be replaced by the even stronger Little John) make the way to the goal clear. The other game figures are rarely used: “units” throwing stones, Wasp nests or apples are not effective enough, archer and swordsman are too fatal. For the fewer victims to complain about, the more civilians join Robin. In his shelter in the Sherwood Forest, he can use them for arrow-carving, collecting herbs, training and other activities – but he can also take them into his maximum five-headed combat team.

Compliant to the saga, the plot takes place in only five cities and thus maps. However, as new locations have to be visited and certain areas are closed, a city is still a challenge even after the sixth visit. Above all the guards and civilians, who are always differently distributed to the city, radically change events, as the artificial intelligence fills them with a delightfully authentic life: some civilians rob Robin’s gang to the next guard, which also immediately looks to the right. If he discovers one or more opponents, he assesses his chances and possibly asks the next supervisor for reinforcements.

In this city, a festival is taking place – no wonder the streets are full of guards. Robin has to go through.

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