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Challenging game modes, new content, more than 200 tuning motos, customization options and new circuits! Ride 2 game is a motogame with an emphasis on simulation and new features for the virtual race fans. The second edition of the motorway engine developed by milestone explores new horizons and builds on what was created in 2015.

You are the driver

Welcome to the sanctuary of the engine, the only garage in which you can discover, transform and test the world’s most legendary and fastest machines. The renowned brands await you, take it to the world in a unique game and show what you’ve got in your march! Over 170 engines occupy the scene of the new part of this long-awaited racing game! The adrenaline raises the sharpest corners, with the passion and fire of a professional driver!

The biggest innovation in this second edition of Milestone’s game is the relationship between the rider and his moto, now more than ever present in the game due to career mode. The main goal of the game is, as usual, to keep races – offline and online – on the moto of your dreams that you can tune with as many adjustments as possible. The collection of motos is now also an important element in the introduction of the Two Strokes, Supermotards and the Café Racers that combine the Nakeds, Supersports and many others from the first game. While the motos play an important role – there are more than 200 types – the circuits should not be forgotten. It is now possible to race on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, Northwest 200 and more.


Improve your engine at 5 points: Engine, Brakes and Suspension, Wheels, Transmission and Design. More than 20 changes are available, including a whole new race transmission that can be used to install a streamlined glass fiber body specifically designed for the most extreme rides. Customize the profile (Route / Race / Supermotor) and your driver’s style thanks to the advanced posture machining system!

Game modes

12 modes guarantee a long life that is long and exciting! The row over the king of the circuits, the Nürburgring, as if driving on a motorcycle, go well at high speed with complex circuits, jumps, parabolic turns and take part in special slaloms between traffic jams. But watch out! You must be fast and accurate to hope you beat your opponents … the stopwatch keeps running!

The circuits cross

the world in a series of extraordinary and unforgettable rides: GP, Nature and City. More than 30 circuits, including single circuit legends, such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

– More than 170 engines! Collect them all to assemble your own garage.
– New categories like Sports Bike 2 Strokes, Supermotors and the Naked Café Racers
– 30 different circuits, with unique topographic features
– 18 of the leading circuit manufacturers
– Over 1,200 customizable components and more than 600 Units to transform your own engine
– New social features and new Friends for a complete gaming experience



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