Quantum Break free download for pc and android

Quantum Break Timeless Collector’s Edition

The Timeless Collector’s Edition includes:
– Quantum Break on 5 discs
– ‘Making of’ Blu-Ray
– Making of ‘book
– Soundtrack CD (Audio CD)
– 2 Posters
– Quickstart Guide

Quantum Break

Quantum Break by Remedy Entertainment is a revolutionary entertainment experience of the Max payne and Alan Wake thinkers in which the line between gaming and TV fades through drama and gameplay into a seamless, unique and immersive experience. How you play affects the show and the show tells you how to play the game.

Time is power

Captivated in an era of time-hopping, Jack Joyce has to master his newly-discovered powers and fight against the mysterious Monarch Solutions to put things in order before it’s too late.

Experience expanded fights in time

This is cinematic action of a higher level in a world-damaged world. Freeze the time to get the overcome. Teleport by enemies. Change in time-frozen objects with one touch in weapons. Because you have the time in your arsenal, no fight is the same.

Pull your way through heavy destruction

Time is dashing around you, causing epic strikes to be full of sudden shocks in a frozen world. These stuttering can occur at any time: the recipe for all sorts of disasters over time shaking back and forth. Pave your way through these unimaginable situations to avoid becoming a victim.

From gameplay to screenplay

The game is just the beginning. Dive deeper into the hectic world of Quantum Break with the exciting accompanying live action series. How you play influences the story of the live action series, which makes for a totally unique entertainment experience. The combination of game and TV series leads to an unprecedented dynamic narrative.

– Deep and fast story made by Remedy Entertainment
– Use your time to survive enemies and surroundings in epic scenes where time is broken
– Intense cinematic gameplay fuses with an engaging live action show that fits your choices



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