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Prey (2017) tested with video review: No Bioshock 4, but a fascinating science fiction trip for System Shock fans

The new Action-Adventure Prey is here! Test and video reveal whether Arkane Studios after Dishonored 2 another gameplay hit delivers. How well did the trip over the Talos 1 space station overrun by aliens? And what about PC technology?

As a prey, as a prey for a superior hunter – so we felt in the test of the 2017 reboots to human heads alien shooter often. The new action adventure with the old name, which by the way has nothing to do with the original ball game from 2006, is from the first minute on the player. In the role of hero Morgan Yu, we do not know at the outset exactly what the typhon aliens, the space station Talos 1 and the motives of our brother Alex have on us – nor can we defend ourselves particularly well against the black extras , As they overrun the station. Prey puts us immediately into a disadvantaged situation: Morgan and thus the player go both knowledge and strength, he should feel defenseless and isolated, impotent and fearful. That works. It is also the biggest problem of the game.


Prey: Josh Dalton finned – Side quest: Black box Project

10.05.2017 at 11:20 am Josh Dalton in the Prey-Sidequest “The Blackbox Project”: Many virtual corps pave the way through Talon-1. So you find Josh Dalton’s body in the Zero Gravity Tunnel in G.U.T.S. In a video guide we show you the exact location of his corpse for the sidequest.

In the Prey-Sidequest “The Blackbox Project” find the body of Josh Dalton. Plenty of virtual corps pave the way through the space station Talon-1. During a sidequest you have to go to the search for the body of Josh Dalton. In the Zero Gravity Tunnels you are looking for in GUTS. His body is relatively difficult to find, but she uses the video guide below these lines for the exact location. You will receive a Q-Beam as a reward. Enter the GUTS from the arboretum and go all the way down.

prey 2017

Pay attention to the Cystoids, Weaver and Radiation Boxes. Also pass the magnetosphere chamber and continue your way until you reach a large tube at the end. You see his body through a narrow gap. Hover along the tube to the right and then slip through the larger hole to the corpse and the loot. Pay particular attention to the cystoids. With the Q-Beam, you fire a permanent energy beam as long as you hold down the button. Be careful, however, that the weapon charges with electricity (robot etc.). Note: Further details can be found on our Prey.

We recommend you our test to Prey with all the strengths and weaknesses of the alien adventure. You will find out why classic shooter fans are not necessarily happy with the game. The game is not understood as a lupenreiner ego-shooter. If you are already on Talon-1, use our Prey-Guide with all codes for doors, safes and more. While some passwords in the game are always equal, others are generated per game run at random. We’ll tell you where to find the clues about the codes.


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