Pokémon Go: New Nester Update is Live – Monster Swarms in the Parks

Pokémon Go: New Nester Update is Live - Monster Swarms in the Parks

Pokémon Go: New Nester Update is Live – Monster Swarms in the Parks

Niantic is releasing a new update for the nests in Pokémon Go. From now on other monsters will appear at the known locations than before. If you’re lucky, you’ll encounter the new 3rd Generation Pokémon, which have recently been unlocked in Pokémon Go. The advantage: The beasts populate the nests in swarms.

Through multiple catches you will receive the necessary sweets for further development of the Pokémon. But you do not have much time. In 14 days, the next nester update is pending in Pokémon Go.

The next nester update in Pokémon Go is here. The developers of Niantic have migrated the nests for the 43rd time. This means that in the known places from then on other monsters on than before – they populate the nests in swarms. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one of the new 3rd Generation Pokémon unlocked in your smartphone adventure in parks, playgrounds or recreation areas . The advantage: Because the Pokémon visit the nests in swarms, you can catch them directly multiple times and bag the sweets needed for further development.

What Pokémon in the nests of Pokémon Go are finally to find, decides the coincidence. However, all monsters do not appear in the nests. Not included are baby Pokémon, region-exclusive monsters, and beasts that you would otherwise get from the ten-kilometer eggs. Nevertheless, it would be worthwhile to pay a visit to the nests after the update. You do not have much time left: The current monsters besiege the locations for two weeks. Then Niantic plays a new update with other monsters.

You can find many other Pokémon Go news on our smartphone adventure theme page. Only yesterday, a small event was started: From the eggs in Pokémon Go hatch until now only 3th generation monsters. With the super hatcheries, you hatch the eggs in 1.5 times speed. The items are still available until the 1st of February in the in-game shop.

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