Pokémon Go – developer comments on the disastrous live festival

Niantics CEO comments in a posting about how the Pokémon Go Festival in Chicago could go in the pants.

At the Pokémon Go Festival 2017 no one wanted to be in the skin of the development team Niantic, which was basically working all day to calm angry fans and solve the massive technical problems with service providers. Well, you do not want to be stuck in the skin of angry fans who took the long journey to Chicago and then could not connect with their Pokémon Go app.

In general, most of you felt quite uncomfortable at this festival – you can read the whole tragedy in our original message . Now, Niantics CEO John Hanke is commenting on the background of the technology fiasco in a detailed blog :

“During the Pokémon Go Fest in 2017, we encountered software and network problems that did not allow many players to connect to the server, which of course caused massive disappointment and degenerated into buh calls, but what had happened, technical problems with our game program ensured We were able to solve this gameplay problem with a new server configuration, but apparently some network providers were overwhelmed with the data volume, so many participants could not use either Pokémon Go or the Internet In addition, network traffic also meant that other players could not log in. ”

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The background of the Pokémon Go festival

Some network providers installed mobile data trailers (COWs, ie Cells on Wheels) with optional WLAN to solve the Internet problems. However, the combination of difficulties and different providers resulted in a huge wust that no one else could control Could . Many players were especially angry, because you should get the first legendary Pokémon at this event , if you had been able to actually play.

Niantic decided to charge each participant the legendary Pokémon automatically to the account, as well as offered a Refund and Poké Coins in the value of 100 dollar as compensation. According to John Hanke, the magic of the Pokémon Festival, which was supposed to be a reality at the event venue, unfolded only after the countless fans broke into downtown Chicago to hunt for Pokémon. For Niantic, the whole is a painful learning experience:

“The last Saturday was not a happy day for us, but we listen to the feedback from our fans, no matter how harsh it may be to improve, we want to continue to offer the experience of people, technologies and the real world in an innovative way Way. ”


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