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Pokémon Go: Germany event in September – tickets, bonuses, infos


On 16 September 2017 a Germany event for Pokémon Go takes place. The German safari zone then stops at the Centro in Oberhausen. To participate in the event, you need a ticket – 4,000 tickets will be distributed free of charge. At the event, some surprises await the participating players. In the safari zones in Europe, there are some special bags to catch, which have not been dumped here. In addition, exclusive raids will be held in Pokémon Go. In our overview, we summarize the most important information about the Germany event.

On September 16, 2017 players will explore the first Germany event at Pokémon Go . As part of the one-year anniversary of the smartphone adventure, the developers of Niantic organize numerous safari zones throughout Europe – including Germany. The event station at the Centro in Oberhausen makes a perfect base here. Over the entire event day, participants will have the chance to receive numerous rewards. In addition to some surprises, there are also some unusual Pokémon to catch, which have not been dumped here.


Where and when does the Germany event take place?


The German Safari Zone will take place on 16 September 2017. As a place, the developers of Niantic chose the Centro Oberhausen. For the event day many Pokémon-Go events are planned in the shopping center. Concrete information on the process is not yet known. But first details are already fixed – you can find them below in our overview.


How many tickets are there?


To participate in the safari zones, you need a ticket. The contingent is limited to 4,000 tickets, as Centro Oberhausen reports about his Facebook appearance. A ticket is distributed per person – so it is not possible to reserve several tickets. There are no additional tickets available for purchase. “4,000 free tickets will be available for thePokémon Go Safari Zone Event on September 16th,” writes Centro Oberhausen on Facebook.

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Where and when are the tickets available?

There will soon be a registration platform where interested players can register for the tickets. The time at which the website will be online is not yet known. The responsible persons of the Centro in Oberhausen have so far not named an appointment. However, the website set up for this purpose should already be in the test phase. By the way, you can only get the tickets through the website of the Centro in Oberhausen. In other places, the cards are not distributed. The tickets are not available through Niantic itself.

What is there to experience at the Germany event?

Concrete details about the processes at the Germany event for Pokémon Go are not yet known. Players can look forward to some surprises, as the Centro Oberhausen communicated via Facebook. In addition, trainers receive rewards, participate in raids, and grab some unknown Pokémon that have not yet appeared in Europe. In the raids most likely newLegendary Pokémon arewaiting for the players. The Centro Oberhausen writes on Facebook that there will be “many decentralized spots, so that hardly all persons are in one place”. In addition, a lot of things will happen in the outdoor area of ​​the shopping center,

Are other events planned?

Yes, there are other events planned. Until now, the Safari Zone in Centro Oberhausen is the only station in Germany. Events are planned in Copenhagen (Denmark), Prague (Czech Republic), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paris (France) and Barcelona (Spain). In order to be able to offer a better experience to the players in Europe than to the failed fan festival in Chicago , the events of 5 August, in Copenhagen and Prague, as well as the events of 12 August in Stockholm and Amsterdam will be postponed to autumn .


The events in Yokohama, Japan on 14 August and the events on 16 September in France, Spain and Germany will remain unaffected. With the shifts Niantic probably reacts to the problems at the Chicago festival. Many of the visitors were unable to attend the events and raids due to technical problems and network errors.



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