PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro

There are many reasons to choose game consoles over PC, and there are at least as many reasons to choose PC rather than consoles.

Now they are more similar and similar – Many PC gaming interests are working to get the PC under the TV, while console manufacturers want some of the benefits PC players today enjoy.

Traditionally, we have divided consoles for generations, with today’s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One counting the eighth in the series. With the PlayStation 4 Pro, the boundaries in several ways are washed out.

Three years after the launch of the PlayStation 4 comes a new and more powerful machine, which can  offer better graphics. With PlayStation 4 Pro, developers have the opportunity to plug a straw in extra power, which can be used in several different ways.


What, where and how

If you want to interpret the releases available from launch with PS4 Pro support, then there are a number of possibilities. For those who own TVs with 4K, some games may benefit from the higher resolution of the TV and deliver sharper images. There is rarely talk about the real-time 4K play, but higher resolution than 1080p, which is again scaled up to the 4K screen via a technique called “checkerboard rendering”.

So far we have seen more games using the technique, and the result is very convincing. All the details in the picture are displayed and it will be sharp.

And those who have TVs supporting enhanced color gamut (HDR) may experience even more distinctive improvement, the problem is just that, you must experience this with your own eyes to see yourself. It’s not possible to recreate it with screenshots or videos on your computer screen.

HDR image resolves old issues related to color depth, where the TVs really do not have enough reach in the colors to handle the “full” scale. Thus some details disappear in dark and/or light parts. In some games this will probably be perceived as a more dramatic difference than the 4K resolution – it is more immediate.


What about “old” TVs?

For those who still have 1080p screens, it’s a bit more wooly about the benefits. But we will say that the benefits that are there are perhaps the most undercover around the console.

The games that support the PS4 Pro will offer so-called super sampling for those who run 1080p screens – a technique that takes the 4K image and scales down. The result is fantastic for antialiasing, and there are examples of games that benefit from this.

The jagged edges disappear completely and leave an image almost completely without pixels. We were impressed by how “Titanfall 2” was featured on a large 1080p resolution projector.

Other games actually offer choices – finer graphics, or right frame rate. “Rise of the Tomb Raider” is one of the games where you get this option in the settings menu. And whatever modes you have to choose in the game on PS4 Pro, it looks significantly better than the Xbox One version from last year.

More games come with these choices, similar to what we are used to from PC gaming.

In the upcoming “Ni-Oh” you can even choose to run the game with an “unlocked” image update, where developers only let it all spin up and down from 20 to 60 frames per second, but with maximum graphics quality.


choose for yourself

In many ways, it may be embarrassing that the developer can no longer take these choices for us because some of us prefer a higher image update than a little finer graphics. Nevertheless, it has also been one of the elements that have been important for console play – the game is equal to everyone and you do not have to think about performance?

There is also a question about competition games here – what if “Destiny” now suddenly opened for some to play at 60 frames per second, to others who currently play 30 frames per second?

The multi-player part of “Battlefield 1” on the PS4 Pro delivers close to 60 frames per second compared to the PS4 version, the latter being able to hold up to 45 frames per second. Most people who have played competitive-based reflex-based games understand that this is a big advantage.

This has naturally been for PC players for all years, but the benefit of the console has been that it has been the same for everyone. It now seems to be a story only.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Better VR

Those who have the PlayStation VR will also get a better experience in terms of better edge smoothing and finer graphics – something that’s badly long-awaited when one finds that it crashes in the “old” PS4 console with VR.

We have experienced a significant improvement in graphics with PSVR, where the image is perceived sharper and more detailed on the newer console. Fortunately, the strict requirements of Sony mean that the regular PS4 machine still runs with a stable image update, but it’s at the expense of graphics.

In this way, the PS4 Pro, which corrects this somewhat, is the best way to experience VR on a console.

But all this is only a reality if developers choose to add support for PlayStation 4 Pro in their games – something that’s optional. And even though we predict that most people choose to offer support, it is still uncertain what we have to wait. There are no warranties.

At best, the “regular” version will not be neglected in pure laziness from developers, while the Pro owners will get the extra they have paid for.

But this may mean that the Pro version of the games becomes the “standard” version of good and bad – where those with the “old” console get the poor version of the games. Badly optimized game of lazy developers, where what could have been done on PS4 now instead comes on PS4 Pro.

This is something we have already tasted in the console trials when games are being developed for both generations. This time, of course, the difference is much smaller, so we can cross your fingers so that the same does not happen here.

The demand from Sony is that the Pro version of the game should be able to offer something “better” than the regular version, but it is relative when the developer chooses what the “standard” should be.


PlayStation 4 Pro

The Xbox One S is a better machine for movies and TV shows

For those who are particularly interested in audio and video for movies, PS4 Pro is a disappointment compared to the competitor Xbox One S. Sony has chosen not to embrace Blu-ray discs with 4K resolution with the console, and thus there’s no way To watch movies and TV shows with top quality in 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony’s response has been that users are increasingly using power services, which is hard to argue against.

Nevertheless, it is strange that the company who might be more interested in selling both TVs, movies with movies and TV shows and audio equipment will choose the system that delivers the best sound and best picture.

There is actually no opportunity to experience the best picture and sound for movies or TV shows on the PS4 Pro – 4K on a streaming service will not be able to match a full blood Blu-ray disc.

Thus, the best offer for those interested in the best format for their 4K TVs is an Xbox One S – which not only plays 4K discs but is a very good deal compared to single 4K players on the market.

Netflix in 4K a comfort prize for those who actually care about the best in picture and sound, especially the latter getting a solid bang of streaming.

Here, Sony had a golden opportunity to make a retable but actually delivers a segment to Microsoft.

In essence, the Xbox One S is best on movies and TV shows in 4K, while PlayStation 4 Pro is best played at 4K (or near 4K, if you want). Microsoft’s console is also less expensive.


If you already own a PS4 and are considering upgrading, the transition is quite painless thanks to a feature in the PlayStation 4 system. You can connect both machines to a router to transfer all content on your old machine over networks.

As of today, PlayStation 4 Pro is one of the best ways to take advantage of a TV ready for 4K content. We actually want to say that 4K is more interesting in games than for movies and tv, because the difference between 1080p and 4K is clearer.

However, it’s not just the 4K people who want to take advantage of the extra power of the PS4 Pro. We already enjoy content that gets flattered or floats better in 1080p with Sony’s new console. At the moment, it is very uncertain what we will get in the future, but we suspect that the vast majority of games will benefit from the console from next generation.

PS4 Pro is a console for you who is concerned with the small details of the graphics – edge smoothing, resolution and smoother image refresh. And that’s what we are.

If you do not have a PS4 from before, this console we would recommend you to shop. The price of the console is so sympathetic that we are surprised if the PS4 Pro is not the standard console for the PlayStation camp in the future. 


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