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Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is a simulation game where you can build and exploit amusement parks. The game was developed and published by Frontier Developments, who previously worked on RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, of which Planet Coaster is the spiritual successor.


Let your imagination run free

Build roller coasters, take trails, design environments and customize the attractions. Create mountains, form lakes, dig caves or even islands in the sky! Building opportunities in Planet Coaster are infinite and easy to learn.

Planet Coaster

Manage your parks to keep the most sophisticated visitors happy

Planet Coaster is the most comprehensive amusement park ever and thanks to its various management options, it’s also the nicest! Manage every aspect of your park and see in real-time how visitors respond to your new creations. Every visitor is a unique individual who thinks, feels and explores. Pay attention to your visitors and you know immediately (or not!).

Inspire or let yourself be inspired

Download the best creations of your friends, favorite community members, or the latest designs selected by the Planet Coaster team. Thanks to the community hub and Steam Workshop, everyone can share everything with the rest of the world. Build and share!



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Originally posted 2017-08-16 12:05:11.

Author: Gary Mueller