“Peter Pan Peter Pan” small jingle Release date

GSC “Peter Pan Peter Pan” small jingle clay model next year in

February scheduled to launch

A little jealous of the fairy, small jingle to clay people modelling debut!

Disney hot film “Peter Pan Peter Pan” in the “jingle” to join the ranks of clay people Hello! The expression part has a “face” that is well matched with the jealousy and the “smiling face” that is ripe and sensible. Movable wings are used to reproduce the transparent parts, and reference to the monster fine powder design of the special support platform and the background film is very match. Containing a variety of foot parts, but also to reproduce the lovely duck sitting. Will be full of vitality of the “clay clown” to take home!

Release date: February 2018
Price 4, 167 yen + consumption tax
With special pedestal · Full height: about 100mm
Prototype production seven soldiers Wei

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