What kind of person is “a person with transparency?”

It is encounter with people that I want to become an adult and to cherish it more. When the partner becomes “homosexual”, it will make you feel relaxed in the way of life and way of thinking, of course, expression, expression selection.

This time, MYLOHAS editorial department held a roundtable discussion on the theme of “What kind of woman wish to be?”. A variety of ideals came up to the way of living, the tone of voice, the skin luster. What kind of person do you think of if you ask “the image of the woman you want to model?”


Editorial staff think, “Want to become” female statue?

The common point of women who think that it is wonderful is that there is “lingering”. Specifically, it is a woman who has a “remnant scent” that makes me think “I hope to see you again” though it is the first time to meet, and a woman who always relies on my heart as if there is something “I wonder if he was that person”.

Based on this assumption, the following three were ideal female figures with empathy of editorial staff.

A woman who feels the margin of her heart

women smile

Editorial staff T: A woman who can carefully contact not only a family member , a company employee, but also anyone . I can understand that I am in a hurry, but when I look up from the top at a taxi or a restaurant, I am a little disappointed if it is a person who can not afford it in the mind.

Editorial staff A: Women in the workplace where they should be very busy but can afford to reach out to people in need . A person who can give consideration not to swing people by the ups and downs of their emotions. Since the work is relaxing and there is clear space for the expression, I feel relieved when I am with you, and I want to talk to him.

Editorial staff K: Always older friends who always talk gently and positively. I think that it is wonderful because it will allow us to take a positive look, not to say such a way as “advice” nevertheless, there is gentleness to catch ear listening earnestly.

Women with high communication skills


Editorial staff member M: If you listen to the story with Nikoniko, it will make me happy. It ‘s nice to know that you are interested if you listen to it or remember what you are talking about . Because I can understand the ad hoc way out of hand.

Editorial person Y: I admire those who are familiar, but who work in a way of “communicating” without any excess or deficiency . Another person can use the voice of adults properly. A lower calm voice increases persuasive power, and I feel like I want to hear the other party when there is bright intonation.

Editorial staff O: It should have been consulted, but often there is a change in the story of the other party beforehand (laugh). I think that a good lady is wonderful .

 A woman with a sense of transparency

hot women

Editorial staff M: A woman who sticks to things that touch her mouth and skin and seems to incorporate good things, a wonderful impression. Transparency is created by daily accumulation and I think that it can not be obtained overnight .

Editorial staff Y: Just by having a sense of transparency, I feel the honesty and personality of character.

Editorial staff A: I was surprised by the transparency of the actress who was on the drama . She should have been over 50 years old, but she looks transparent with no cosmetic feeling. I feel like girls’ ugliness, the feeling of inevitability is attractive, I felt that age does not matter to the transparency of the skin .
In the round-table discussion, it was ” a woman with transparency ” that gathered the voice saying “I want to become the women” as the woman image the woman admires . The opinion that the atmosphere which the sense of transparency exerts represents that person’s personality, living, all .

However, it is difficult to define this value sense as “what is transparent” with what. Conditions of transparency include those with shiny hair, clear eyes, beauty that lives in details such as hands and mouths, skin that shines from the inside filled with moisture ……. A woman with a sense of transparency imagines up to his / her daily careful living style.


If you aim for fresh and natural transparencywomen scent

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“When you become beautiful, the earth will become beautiful”


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