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A major highlight of TESO: Morrowind are the new battlefields, on which three teams of 4 players each in different PvP modes give on the cap. In our guide to The Elder Scrolls Online, we will give you all the information you need to know about the battlefields.

On June 6, the Morrowind chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online has been released. Also included: A completely new PvP system, in which you can pounce in crisp 4vs4vs4 battlefield games. In this guide to TESO: Morrowind, we reveal to you everything important to the basics, modes and rewards of the new battlefields.

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The battlefields in TESO: Morrowind

The new battlefields of TESO: Morrowind are designed to offer short, bloody skirmishes between three squads of four players each (4-versus-4-versus-4). Unlike the PvP in Cyrodiil, the squads in battlefields are not tied to specific alliances but consist of any players from the three alliances. In the battlefields you fight not for Queen Ayrenn, Grand King Emeric, but for the Grubendämonen (green), fire kites (orange) and Sturmfirst (violet).

TESO: Morrowind: So take part in the battlefields

To connect to a battlefield is similar to the queue for dungeons. Open the “group and activity search” and select “battlefields”. There you can register alone or as a group member. The game target is randomly selected, so you can not escape the card, nor the mode.TESO: Morrowind – For too long, we do not have to wait for a battlefield application right now. As with the Alliance War, you can register for battlefields as soon as your character reaches level 10 or higher. However, you also need the Morrowind chapter on your account (either as an upgrade or full version). When you enter a battlefield, The level of your character will be adjusted automatically, just as you know from Cyrodiil. Because the encounters in battlefields are designed for small groups, these rounds do not take more than 15 minutes. So they offer a different experience than the campaigns in Cyrodiil.

TESO: Morrowind: The game modes and arenas

At the start of Morrowind, the battlefields offer the following three game modes:


The death row is perfect for those who do not want to break their head over banal things like “goals” or “teamwork” and rather break the pears of the adversaries. Find and do other players. Each death penalty gives points to your troop.

Flag hunting
The flag hunting is a more structured type of game, which is concerned both with the attack and with the defense, and which should above all appeal to those who flourish as part of a squad. Take the banners of your enemies and bring them back into your position, while you are paying attention to your own.

predominance is particularly favored by those who prefer to take a point and then keep it. Find specific places, take them in and keep them to earn points for your squad. A captured point grants points to your team as long as you control them.TESO: Morrowind – No matter what mode: No battlefield part takes longer than 15 minutes.For each type of game you win by either reaching the limit at the points or the maximum number of points at the end of the round. In flag hunting, for example, each conquered flag wins 100 points, who first reaches 500 points. If the 15 minutes run off, the team will win the most points.

Guide for the battlefields

For publication, you fight in three unique arenas:

  • Ald Carac – A dilapidated ruin of an ancient Dwemerstadt
  • Ularra – An old, long-overdue site of Daedra worship
  • A quarry in the shadow of the Red Mountain

Each battlefield has its own style, and in the coming weeks, Zenimax wants to introduce further details on these, including some interesting places and positions.

TESO: Morrowind: Battlefield Rewards

TESO: Morrowind – The battlefields of Vvardenfell are displayed with this tower icon on the map.When you participate in a round in a battlefield, you earn points while you conquer, defend or kill depending on the game mode. Apart from that, you can secure medals for unique deeds, depending on the type of game, including:

  • To cause damage
  • Heal
  • Deaths
  • Death penalty series
  • Take or defend a banner
  • To suffer damage
  • Banners or defenders

It does not matter at all whether you devote yourself entirely to individual goals or rather as a lone wolf through the battlefields: You will receive rewards and distinctions regardless of your style. When the dust has settled and a winner is established, your points and medals are used to determine your rewards, including alliance points, experience, and items (via post).

Battlefield vendors, who sell you for Krupps with weapons and armor, you find on the one hand in the battlefield camp just outside the city Vivec. On the other hand, also the entrance to the three battlefields on Vvardenfell – the places are displayed on the map with a tower symbol.


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