The just published patch 1.13 for Overwatch changes the respawn system – in favor of the attackers.

With just released Update 1.13 , not only does the new hero Doomfist celebrate his debut in Shooter Overwatch . At the same time, there is also a small change to the respawn system , which might have a major impact.

Overwatch - Gameplay trailer introduces the hero Doomfist

In the official patch notes , a change of the Respawn timer is a fairly general one in order to mitigate certain defensive tactics . However, since the concrete way of working was not quite clear, the principal designer Scott Mercer of Blizzard Entertainment came up with a more detailed explanation .


So after 15 seconds, an increase in the respawn time begins , if more attackers than the defenders are at a target point – before this was the case only for 30 seconds. In addition, the maximum of the increase is already reached after 75 seconds (formerly 90 seconds).

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With this little trick, the popular stagger tactics of the defenders are to be somewhat hindered. So they were able to delay a victory of the attackers even relatively clear for a relatively long time by marching individually from the Respawn room to the target point in order to involve the attackers into small skirmishes. This is now becoming much more difficult due to the recent change.

However , it remains to be seen how much this will affect the winner-to-loss ratio in the individual maps.


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