“I am so upset” How Neelum Muneer reacts to her dancing video!

How Neelum Muneer reacts to her dancing video?



LAHORE – Model and role player Neelam Muneer, whose leaked video went infectious agent on social media, processed on Wed that the ‘leaked video’ was captured and leaked by one in every of her friends.

neelum munner video

“I’m therefore upset. i used to be terpsichore and having fun with my girlfriends in my automobile and one in every of the ladies leaked the video,” wrote Neelam in her public post on Facebook.




Showing liberalness and generosity, the role player finished her message with the prayer. “May God bless them” Neelam same with a broken heart emoji.



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Everyone is talking regarding Neelam Muneer infectious agent video, and since it’s a star concerned individuals area unit undoubtedly about to comment. Besides, the celebrity may be a feminine and our society will certainly feel responsible to comment. Neelam Muneer is being mentioned here, and you wish to grasp why no matter she did isn’t one thing to inquire into or get angry regarding.To be Continued…


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