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No Man’s Sky: Release, Gameplay, Trailer, Planets – All information about the space sandbox

The developers of Hello Games have created in No Man’s Sky not only the universe itself, but also almost endless planets with individual flora and fauna – each of them can be visited and explored. At this point, we summarize all important information about the Sandbox space adventure. Learn more about release, gameplay and gameplay. Current trailers, gameplay videos and screenshots from No Man’s Sky for PC and PS4 are also available.

The game world of No Man’s Sky is huge. For the promising space adventure, the developers of Hello Games want to depict the complete universe – with more than 18 trillion (!) Planets. Everyone should be able to enter and explore, have their own flora and fauna. Already at the E3 2014 the developers presented an atmospheric teaser, which gave a look at the game and provided for plenty of discussion material. Players were impressed by the idea of ​​flying through the space without loading breaks, exploring any planet, encountering alien raids, bouncing around – and farther to the next planet.

pc games

In preparation for the release of the sandbox space adventure, we summarize the following information about No Man’s Sky. It is best to bookmark this page. We plan to update the article regularly. We also have the latest trailers and screenshots available at this point. Our impressions from the E3 2015 to No Man’s Sky are available in our preview. The release of the Sandbox title will take place on August 10 on PlayStation 4. PC gamers are likely to start on August 12th.


Our colleagues from sister magazine play4 could play an almost finished version of No Man’s Sky. In issue 09/16, they will include the resource and crafting system in their extensive title story and explain details about the space battles as well as galaxies. The issue will be available from 3 August. The digital edition is already available on 30 July 2016!

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No Man’s Sky: Release on PC and PS4, not on Xbox One

The release of No Man’s Sky is scheduled for August 10 on PlayStation 4. The PC version apparently follows on August 12th. Previously, No Man’s Sky should be released in June. However, the developers of HelloGames shared some time to complete the space sandbox. Meanwhile, they reported the Goldstatus. The planned release on August 10 should be nothing to prevent. An Xbox One version is not announced.

No PS Plus required for online mode

A paid membership to PlayStation Plus is not necessary to play the online mode of No Man’s Sky. The decision to make No Man’s Sky non-compulsory is just logical: First of all, the space adventure is a title for soloists and not an MMOG.

Huge game world, little storage space

No Man’s Sky needs a storage space of only 6 gigabytes on the PS4 hard drive, as Sean Murray of Hello Games on Twitter confirmed. Steam as a storage space for the PC version is around 10 gigabytes. Most of the audio files would be used. Many may now ask themselves the question, why the space adventure takes up so little space – finally, the developers promise an unimagined game size. The answer comes from the technology of No Man’s Sky: the game world is largely calculated procedurally, which requires significantly less disk space.




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