Need for Speed ​​- Rivals pc free download

nfs rivals pc download

Need for Speed ​​- Rivals

need for speed rivals pc

Welcome to Redview County, where police and racers constantly contend in nerve-racking street races. Both sides ruthlessly fight the conquest of national, local and social media and earn the best cars, adjustments and technology. Put everything at stake. Trust no one.


High-level rivalry

Street racers are singles. In their portable cars, made for fast races and epic pursuits, they only depend on their own glory. Agents work in teams to chase and arrest racers and use all that the police have at home. Change role whenever you want and see how the bet is getting higher. With the new scoring system, you can put your Speed ​​Points at stake to earn even bigger rewards.



All-Drive is a new feature in Need for Speed ​​Rivals that completely wipes the dividing line between single player and multiplayer games. Race straight through to a world where your friends are already racing. No lobby s. No waiting times. In this world, multiple races and chases can run together, giving rise to unique race experiences and events being different every time.


Your car, your personality

Increase your car’s performance with the latest upgrades and technology. Customize your racing show with new paint, designs, special license plates, rims and stickers. Make your friends and rivals jealous with the appearance of your car. Save different configurations and hold different car packages to make a fantastic impression in every situation.


Pursuit and escape technologies

The intense race experiences are getting even harder with special technologies and upgrades for both parties. Racers can use escape technologies, such as interference stations and electromagnetic shocks. Police officers can use shockwaves, roadblocks, helicopter support and more to make racers sick. Whichever side of the law you choose, with the right technology, you always keep your rivals a step ahead.



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