Most Expensive House

This is the most expensive House of the USA:

Easily slows down the Bel Air Road through the hills of Los Angeles. The road is partly in bad condition. But the impression deceives.
A few hundred meters from the property of the adopted Prince Frédéric of Anhalt (73), the most expensive house in the USA is now on sale. For 250 million dollars (232 million euros) you can buy this residence.
In four years, 300 workers put two million working hours into the twelve bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, three kitchens, six bars and 3530 square meters of living space. Marketing name: “The eighth worldunder”.

most expensive house

The house was struck almost in the mountain. Almost all of the walls are made of glass so that the southern California sun can shine and the inhabitants can admire the ocean of houses from almost every room.
From the street you can see only the beautiful exterior wall of white stone, a few palm trees and a helicopter landing field.However, the 250 million dollars do not just include the building itself. The purchase price includes, in addition to the house, cars worth 30 million dollars (including a “Von Krieger” Mercedes from 1936), a bowling alley, a 40-seat cinema as well 125 art installations and the helicopter from the 1980s TV show “Airwolf”.
In front of the pool, the architects have built a 5.5-meter-wide, two-million-dollar, extendable giant TV screen in the floor.
Seven employees will also take care of the interested buyer for two years.

most expensive house

He told CNBC how he came to this crazy price. And why he believes to be able to do the same.
“I spent a lot of time on Megayachts,” said Makowsky. “They buy people for 200 to 300 million dollars, while they live in 20 to 30 million dollar homes.”

These people would spend only two weeks a year on their yachts and spend much more time in their comparatively cheap houses.
Makowsky: “Southern California is the best location on the planet. I want the house to be the ultimate Megayacht. But on shore. ”
Makowsky already holds the record for the most expensive house of Beverly Hills, the neighboring community of Bel Air. In 2014, he sold a villa for 70 million dollars to the Swedish creator of the computer game “Minecraft”.

With a seven-minute high-gloss commercial, Makowsky tries to attract potential buyers. In the film a beautiful woman rises from the helicopter and takes a champagne from the butler.
Her husband now sits in a huge in-house office looking out over Los Angeles and working. The advertising is effective: The ten billionaires should have looked at the house already.

The record of the most expensive already sold property of the earth still holds a 221-million-dollar penthouse in London. This could break Makowsky, should he find a buyer.
Makowky’s precious house will not be the most expensive on the US market for a long time.

On the same inconspicuous street in Bel Air, real estate developer Nile Niami (47) is currently building a 9290-square-meter estate with five pools and jellyfish aquariums, which is scheduled to be completed this year. The targeted purchase price: half a billion dollars. Marketing name: “The One”.


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