Monster Hunter World: Update 1.03 and Download | Bugfixes

Monster Hunter World: Update 1.03 and for download – Bugfixes for Matchmaking & Jagdhorn

Capcom releases a new patch for Monster Hunter World on PS4 (1.03) and Xbox One ( for download. On Xbox One are mainly bug fixes for the online mode of action role-playing in the foreground – the matchmaking system, the filter search and squad sessions should work again after the patch installation. In addition, problems with the hunting horn are resolved. We summarize the information from the changelog to the new Monster Hunter World Update.

Players of Monster Hunter World ( buy now for € 55.49 ) get access to a new update. The patch 1.03 or is available for download on PS4 and Xbox One. At the forefront of the update are fixes for the online features on Xbox One. After downloading the patch, the multiplayer modes in the action role-playing game should work smoothly again, including the matchmaking system, the filter search and squad sessions. The functions had Capcom temporarily deactivated a few days ago to facilitate the work. After installing the new patch, the problems should be a thing of the past.

In addition, the update 1.03 or bug fixes on the hunting horn. Sometimes dodging could not be stopped before the melody effects were applied during an encore. In addition, in some cases, no pressure wave was triggered. Both problems should have been resolved. Capcom continues in the changelog: “Occasionally, an undue amount of research points or objects were distributed to players at the end of a foray, and this issue has been resolved.”

There are also fixes for “different, smaller” bugs in the changelog. Further information is not known. The update refers to her as usual from the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. You can read the latest news about Monster Hunter World at this link. Monster Hunter World will be released for PC in the fall.


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